Marketing Is Everything Reading Notes Assignment

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Marketing is everything. Harvard Business Review,1-10 Main Idea: This article discusses the transformations of strategic marketing. Marketing is not what one initially assumes it is, and with the technological changes and innovations coming about, marketing has faced several barriers and future impact. Choice is being influenced by the transformation of technology and business is being transformed by choice. Technology has advanced and changed very rapidly. Our business world depends on the most recent technology.

Technology impacts customers’ choices of buying because what costumers want is convenience and personal satisfied tastes. Mckenna explains that, “… Programmability is the new corporate capability to produce more and more varieties and choices for customers… Offer each individual customer the chance to design and implement the ‘program’ that will yield the precise product, service, or variety that is right for him or her… Explode[inning] into the reality of almost unlimited choice” (Mckenna 2). For instance, our portable computers or tablets keep coming out with better features and high technological power.

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Even though a new version comes out almost every year, customers will yield on to buy it. Customers will buy this because of its convenience and what Mckenna calls “programmability’-??giving each customer their specific and chosen features, styles, and look. Never ending customer preferences, a market where a product changes to its customers’ requests. A customer is most likely always satisfied from a product or service that meets their wants and needs. Corporations in the market today have a marketing strategy that is driven by their customers-?? customers want it, companies will give it to them.

Mckenna clarifies that, “What they [customers] do care about is a company that is willing to adapt its products or services to fit their strategies. This represents the evolution of marketing to the market-driven company’ (Mckenna 3). Through this successful marketing strategy, a strong customer relationship (customer intimacy) and customer loyalty is built. “In a time of exploding choice and unpredictable change, marketing-??the new marketing-?? is the answer” (Mckenna 4). Society now faces several substitutes, choices, and variety in the marketplace (Coca-Cola, DRP Pepper, Pepsi, etc. ND this results in “companies face[inning] the end of loyalty’ (Mckenna 4). The solution, according to Mckenna is ” not more marketing but better marketing… And that means marketing that finds a way to integrate the customer into the company, to create and sustain a relationship between the company and the customer” (Mckenna 4).

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