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Apple Computers, the corporate office is currently located in Cupertino, Northern California. The company was established in 1976, and developed and sold personal computers such as Apple I, Apple II, and Apple Ill. Due to fierce competitions from Microsoft and MM, the company almost closed its doors because its products lacked functionality and compatibility to most of the software available on the market during that time. To revamp its company image and product lines, Apple Computers needed a competitive advantage and new innovations.

Instead of following trends and make similar products to compete with companies Like Microsoft and MM, the company mirrored new Ideas and developed proprietary products, which showcased their Ideas and balloons. Apple Inc. Was born. Their Ideas and products took the Industry by storm, and created a huge consumer fan base worldwide. II. Marketing Matrix Today, consumers are much more sway when it comes to products and services. Due to available information one can find on the Internet, consumers know exactly what they want before they walk into a store or ordering products online.

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In order for a company to attract and retain its customers, companies must develop a arresting matrix and effectively target the group of consumers they are trying to reach. Marketing matrix has five variables, product, price, promotion, place, and people. A. Product: Apple designs, manufactures, and markets personal desktop computers, notebooks, portable digital media devices, as well as mobile communication devices (Edgar Online, 2012). Their line of products includes Mimic, Macro, Pod, Pad, and Apple TV.

But two products that started It all and catapulted the company to the top of the competition chain and set a new trend and standard for all other companies to follow are the pod and phone. Along with pod came tunes, their online digital media service, and App Store, which allowed phone to not only make phone calls, but also install application software and brought new meanings to the term smart phone. To further showcase its line of products, Apple sells software, accessories, peripherals, digital media services, on-line and network solutions tailored to the company’s operating system and all of its products.

B. Price: For most companies that have similar products, price is a very important factor in the success of the sale of the product. For example, in the smart phone arena, impasses like ETC, Samsung, and LEG fiercely compete with each other with various pricing through different carriers and contracts. The reason for this Is that all three companies produces phones that use the same technology based on the Android platform. Under this platform, phones from all three companies essentially perform the same functions.

On the other hand, Apple does not need to compete with ETC Due to successful marketing, consumers are loyal to the Apple Brand and are willing to pay for the higher costs of Apple products. C. Promotion: Apple’s unique products and technology is its best promotional tool. It sets itself apart from competitors. While MM, Microsoft, ETC, Samsung, and LEG have to compete on design, price, aesthetics, options, features, and compatibility, Apple Just brings out newer models with better hardware components that enable their products to perform better and faster.

Because their products sync and integrate seamlessly, there are no compatibility issues. One of Apple’s mottos is “It Just Works! ” Today, Apples takes a step further by designing their desktop computers and notebooks to have the ability to run ISO and Windows simultaneously on one machine. For the price of one desktop or notebook, one can run Microsoft Windows and Mac ISO. D. Places: The Apple Brand is known globally. According to the company’s annual 10-K report, there are over 300 stores worldwide (Edgar Online, 2012).

In addition, Apple sells its products and services through its website, third party resellers, as well as direct sales to education, business, and government entities. What makes Apple standout from the competition is its ability to develop and design its own operation system, hardware, software, services, and products for consumers that are beautiful in esthetics, easy to use and integrate seamlessly without compatibility issues. As a result, consumers can find everything he or she needs in an Apple store by using only Apple products.

They no longer need to buy hardware, software or service from different retailers. Apple becomes a consumer’s one-stop shop. Apple bridges the gap between hardware, software, productivity, media, game, and entertainment with products that do it all. E. People: Based on the success of Apple Inc. , one can conclude that the company has an excellent team of employees that include top executives, management, marketing team, developers, engineers, programmers, finance teams, and sales associates.

It is obvious the corporate behind the scenes team work well together to develop and market products, but what sets Apple apart from other brands is the sales associates inside each Apple Store. For example, if one walks into a Busty to buy a Samsung smart phone, he or she is at the mercy of an available employee who may or may not know much about a Samsung smart phone. At an Apple store, all associates are especially trained and have thorough knowledge about all Apple products. Any consumer can set up a private appointment at an Apple’s Genius Bar and have an associate train him or her on any Apple product.

It is about taking personal service to the next level. Ill. Conclusion Apple’s use of unique marketing strategies and management style have helped Apple become one on the most successful and powerful company in the world. Their unique blend and use of globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics have made Apple a company others try to model themselves. By implementing the five variables of marketing matrix, they have set themselves up to be successful for years to come.

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