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In the ad, the speech and debate themes, Jokowl repeatedly stressed that the governor of Jakarta’s aware or many problems still can not be resolved as severe congestion, which Is now very popular In the eyes of the people of Jakarta. While Indifferent Jokowl, he promised to change It all. Jokowl & Ahok, new Governor and deputy as winners of Jakarta Governor Election In the 2012s suggest polltlcal marketing strategy Is an effective key to success, but as research has grown, examples have come to light that Indicate that changing a polltlcal organisation , so hat It responds to public demand Is not such an easy exercise.

Even when parties try to become market oriented and respond to public demand, and elect new leaders to do so, many different factors prevent that leader from Implementing a polltlcal marketing approach. So further research Is proposed to Investigate determinants of political marketing strategy Implementation In certain situation. Because of wlnnlng an election Is depend on the Voters / people’s demand for what kind of change that Because the voters should know what kind of leaders that will they choose.

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Jokowi – Ahok use a slogan “New Jakarta” or “Jakarta Baru”. They also have unique shirt that very different with their competitors. A shirt with a square with red and blue color. E – Commerce and M – Commerce Jokowi – Ahok introduce themselves through internet. Whenever we surf the internet , we can see that Jokowi – Ahok campaign. In youtubeJokowi – Ahok made a song from “That’s the way I like it” the lyrics are “That’s the way aha aha I like it aha aha” but hey changed the lyrics into “Jokowi – Ahokahok I like it”.

It makes the voters/ people more easily to remember them. Also Jokowi – Ahokis trending in Facebook , Twitter , and BlackBerry Messenger. Many people talks about them in social media. There are pro and contra about them. Learn from The past. Jokowi – Ahok learned about pas Governor. What their activity , how they affecting Jakarta’s people, the way they do a work and solving a problem. Jokowi – Ahok learned about all off that and make a planning how to be a better governor so they can win he competition Indirect Marketing.

Jokowi – Ahok is not really use the advertising to promote themselves. But they go direct into the field (blusukan) and they introduce themselves so everyone can knows them. Also the media like RCTI , Metro TV , TV One and many else will report about their action, and everyone knows about him. This is called indirect marketing. Other people’s action helps them to promote themselves.

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