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Brand Extension Anna Sui’s Brand Extensions would be effective because Anna Sui’s line, originally known for its trendy and unique clothing pieces can easily translate into a perfume bottle. Those fashion forward women that look to Anna Sui’s fashion line to make new additions to their wardrobe will most likely be the largest category of consumers looking to purchase the latest in fragrances which includes Anna Sui’s recent extension into the cosmetic and perfume industry.

The product packaging of Anna Sui’s fragrance is appealing to consumers because the bottle keeps the character of her original fashion line by creating a quirky and interesting pink and blue perfume bottle in the shape of a guitar that stands out from most of the generic perfume bottle, similar to those one-of-a-kind pieces only Anna Sui can create for her runway shows. Even though the ad is trying to sell the Anna Sui Rock Me perfume, the way it is presented shows that they have not lost sight of the original products of the company (clothing, accessories) and its purpose as a fashion line.

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The model in the ad is dressed in Anna Sui clothing and adored in her playful line of accessories. Anna Sui’s fragrance makes the brand more accessible to consumers who cannot afford items from her clothing line. The fragrance gives consumers the opportunity to own part of the company’s unique, quality and interesting items the brand is all about. Look-alike Product Reese’s has always been known for it’s delicious peanut butter cups that have kept customers loyal since 1922. With new competitors catching on to the success of the Reese’s peanut butter cups, Dove also came out with their peanut butter filled chocolates.

Both brand packages are unquestionably similar including its size. The wrapper makes it hard to tell which product would be the better deal for the consumer in terms of portion size. Both brand’s product packages use the same color scheme of mostly orange with brown and yellow lettering. But in contrast to Reese’s, Dove’s packaging was dominated with brown with accents of orange and light yellow. Although they may share similar color schemes, Dove’s graphics on its packaging such as the image of the Dove logo embedded on each individual chocolate, in addition to the smoothness of the display and use of elegant fonts, make

Dove’s chocolate seem more luxurious than Reese’s old and simple display. Though this may be true, Reese’s iconic logo is easily recognized in comparison to any of its other competitors such as Dove. The well-known logo on the Reese’s packaging stimulates consumers familiarity to the original taste and unique peanut butter cup shape. The familiarity of Reese’s peanut butter cups and relationship of the consumers with the brand throughout the years have gained so many loyal consumers that may be Reese’s biggest advantage that drives consumers to purchase Reese’s peanut butter cups over any of its competitors.

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