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A trip wouldn’t be complete if you missed bringing home some thing from the place where you have been from. So these passbooks remind tourists or eve en locals going back abroad the experience and even give them a glimpse of the place’s hoist The peanuts are locally grown in Lillo, it is a way to promote Along products (Angina TA sis aka place or mum did as Lillo nag human TA as our supplier aka dir a Lang go TA way kuaka so peanuts. Make promote PTA so CARS Kay nag local farmers sang area n GA an ma incentive sill nag magma work. Oh dab guys. Ay farm man dad ash. ) nag thing about as what as baby?.. nag “lampshades nag nag peanuts locally grown did as Lillo”. Kay dab absorbing center TA? Et gung make TA supplier so peanuts as Main nag Lugar, Hindi an Asia purely “along absorbing”. Unbutton OK to Say as what Para Hindi TA EDP t malaria. Gung locally grown dir as Lillo, did pawed nag Antique. Hymnal in Mama as San Joaquin kid dad Adam peanuts. Part pa man Say San g Lillo. Products and Services: Coated Peanuts Salted Peanuts (skinless, spicy) Roasted Peanuts Mixed Peanuts

Peanut Butter Peanut Poltroon Peanut Brittle Peanut Cake Bars Peanut Butter Cake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Flavored Peanuts (cheese, BBC, adobe,etc. ) Band (may English in? ) Peanut Butter Cookies Cookies with Peanuts Peanut Butter Muffins Peanut Butter Shortbread Chocolate coated peanut Brownies with peanuts Peanut Butter Chocolate Twist Shake (Pant TA in ma process as absorbing? ) Gung ambulant TA nag dad refreshment, butane TA snacks like: Peanut and Tomato Salsa Spicy Wings with Peanut Dip Peanut’s with Oven Roasted Mushrooms Anon CCNY hay?

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Start TA analog nana guru as simple, like ma sell Lang go TA way absorbing. Later on TA Inning develop) MARKETING STRATEGY A. Product/service offering A absorbing center that offers different products made with peanuts locally grown in Lillo…. Prototype: Logo: Slogan/tagging: “You’ll go nuts for peanuts” Positioning statement: The Ultimate Main Experience Core competencies It is the first ever absorbing center in Lillo that specializes in peanuts. The k eye ingredient of the product, peanuts, is 100% organic and is grown in Lillo.

Give hat peanuts feature a wide range of nutrients (vitamin E, niacin, foliate, protein etc) and health benefits, the business will not just promote the province’s pro ducts but also a healthy way of living as well. Business Mission TO provide the best homemade peanut products from Lillo to dif rent places nationwide ( or around the globe? ). Why not Peanut’s want to promote the pr evinces locally grown products and to provide means of living to the community by purchase Eng its main ingredient from local farmers in Lillo.

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