Marketing Mix Assignment

Marketing Mix Assignment Words: 417

The Marketing Mix Product: Para is a Bangladesh company serving Bangladesh over three decades with their different types of products. This time Para is launching Tasty Ice creams for the customers of Bangladesh. The company added different flavors to their new products and they are really very beautiful to look. Para tried to put some new things this time In their product. They have brought different new flavors that Bangladesh haven’t tasted before In Bangladesh.

This flavors Includes Dally vanilla, Apple ; Cranberry, Chocolate ; vanilla, Chocolate ; orange, Chocolate ; lime, Peanut butter cluster etc. They are also having the option of getting mix Ice creams for the customers that they can enjoy much according to their ability. And they are producing products this time In some new cups, cones and Plastic transparent cups. Pr Ice: The pricing strategy of this product has to be the competitive pricing strategy. Ice creams products differ in their flavors and size in both.

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Actually the mix ice creams and sophisticated ice cream carries the highest price. And in case of the packets and in bundles there are some discounts that will attract the customer’s attention. The pricing should not be any higher than the regular brand Ice creams exists in the market nor any lower. Place: Ice creams have to be sold throughout the country so we have to follow the extensive distribution channel. Ice creams should be supplied to the general stores, upper stores, mega stores and ice cream parlors.

Ice cream should be easily available to the any side of the country. Especially around schools, colleges, universities, parks, stadiums ice creams can be easily sold there by portable van. Promotion: Informative and persuasive promotion is to be done to let peoples know about this new product. How the Ice creams are flavored mixed with one another. Advertising is a must in newspaper, televisions, billboards and on online also plays a missionary role in these case.

In Advertisements By sponsoring a youth club they can promote the product a lot. To have a better reach to public the products have to go through different campaigns and outlets with discounts. This way we can do promotional activities for this new product the market. In their product. They have brought different new flavors that Bangladesh haven’t tasted before in Bangladesh. This flavors includes Dairy vanilla, Apple ; producing products this time in some new cups, cones and Plastic transparent cups.

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