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The matches are made based on personality, background and preferences. We see Adam wants Eve as a social experiment, that will tell us whether modern society has a negative or positive impact on our love life. Our goal is to position this program as a quality social experiment, and we did so by providing you with modern, high quality material to promote this program.

This press kit will provide you with information about Reworks as a company and our previous successes, a poster and flyer which can be used as promotional material, the slogan of Adam wants Eve and why this slogan flats this format perfectly, a concise piece of text which can be used for press releases and a draft for the Bessie which will provide potential viewers, potential contestants and potential buyers with all information needed. This show is something that has never been done before. It is an innovative, Interesting and modern concept which goes beyond viewers Imagination.

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Are you ready to air the most honest and back-to-basic dating show that reveals everything? REWORKS PITCH Reworks is a production company which develops, produces and distributes creative and Innovative content. Reworks started as a Dutch company but now operates internationally on four continents and in over fifteen countries including the United States, Germany, Brazil and Australia. In these countries Reworks produces TV programs for over 100 different channels, watched in over fifty countries worldwide.

Reworks delivers a wide range of diverse programs, which makes it possible to work for both public and commercial channels. Reworks’ television shows and formats cover all possible genres. Successful TV programs Include Reality Queens of the Jungle, Obese and the most recent hit Celebrity Splash, which has been sold In over 30 FIFO Besides developing non scripted entertainment, reality series and factual entertainment, Reworks also develops and produces scripted content including TV programs and movies.

The scripted content is produced in six different countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. Reworks’ scripted entertainment productions include New Kids Turbo, Nova Zambia, Cops Masochist and Maria Were. To maintain the growth and success of the company, Reworks focuses on strengthening the bond between the countries in the group. It is vital to facilitate creative exchange between these different countries, to uphold the powerful network that has been created over the years. POSTER In order to attract more viewers for Adam wants Eve, we have created multiple posters and flyers.

Since it is such a controversial program, we felt like it was important to create promotional material that was Just as intriguing as the concept of Adam wants Eve. We have created two different posters, since each country has different attitudes towards nudity. For the flyer the client can choose one of the poster images as flyer cover. In the flyer example we only show one of the two options.

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