Marketing Communication Report Assignment

Marketing Communication Report Assignment Words: 365

Imagine you manage your own retail store, which is suffering from falling sales. You plan to reverse these falling sales through introducing a new product range. (The choice of retailer and product range is up to you. ) Write a marketing communication plan in the form off report. Your report should not be more than 1200 words. Your report should take the following structure: Title Executive summary Contents page Analysis The product offering Potential customers Communication tools Conclusions Recommendations References

Note: if you do not structure your TAMA as a report you will lose up to five marks from the total mark for Part l. Your report should address all three parts ((a)-(c)) given below. We have indicated where your answers to each part fit in the report structure and provided you with an approximate word length for each part. A. Before any retailer can develop a marketing communication campaign, they need to understand the product that they plan to sell. This helps them understand the product’s features and potential benefits that they might wish to communicate in heir promotional campaign.

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Describe the details of the new product range that you are going to promote, giving an indication of its quality, design features, price and color range. Word count: approximately 1 50 words. Part (a) refers to ‘The product offering in your report. (10 marks) BIBB TAMPA Marketing Communication Report By amendment you are going to promote, think about who is going to buy this product range. Describe the characteristics of the customers (your target market) you think will be attracted to your new product range. Word count: approximately 250 words. Part (b) refers to ‘Potential customers’ in your report. 20 marks) c. Having identified the features and potential benefits of the new product range that you are going to promote, and the characteristics of the customers who are likely to purchase them, think about developing a marketing communication plan. You need to outline, using various communication tools, your marketing communication plan. This requires you to Justify your choice of communication tools to effectively reach your target market. Word count: approximately 800 words. Part (c) refers to ‘Communication tools’ in your report.

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