Marketing and Business Communication Media Assignment

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E What business communication media you will utilize If you have to launch a soap In rural India? Electronic communication: Electronic communication is the modern way of communication that includes electronics and latest technology for communicating such as teleconferencing e-mail, etc. Example : – In a live cricket match a 20 second teaser will target the rural consumer . As well the board signs near the boudoir lines are the best way to communicate with the rural India. Because Every boundary will create happiness among Indians & visually seeing the ads of our soap on boudoir will create harness of our brand.

Non- Verbal Communication : Print media :- Regional language advertisement Product adulterously In Rural Areas Example We can use the print media to advertise our product (soup) In their regional language newspaper . Mobile Van We can advertise our soup advantages on mobile van or we can advertise our product on local vans which is traveling to local villages in day to day life . Organizing an events with the locals Mongo to promote our products ( soup ) about the advantages of using our product. Comment on the marketing mix of Ski’s Premium Herbs Shampoos ? Argental mix :- http://www. Cried. Com/doc/31248795/Herbal-Shampoo-market-Plan You can add the Below Points Contemplative market Loyal Consumer pricing factor product threats from well Established brand In India don’t have a proper infrastructure like road ways railways . As the product have to reach the consumer end on given time. But due to the lack of infrastructure we can’t deliver the product on time to consumer . How can you make their communication more effective ?

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