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Tie Is Ireland’s one of Ireland biggest formal wear shop and rental specialist. Black tie has numerous stores throughout Ireland including one in Limerick in O Connell Street. Black tie has been in the formal wear Business for the last 25 years. Here is the Soot Analysis Limerick Formal Wear has carried out on Black Tie. Strengths: Black Tie has twelve branches all over Ireland including on in Limerick City.

Central Location They have been around for the last 25 years so they have developed a large customer base of loyal customers. Rental Facility They do special group deals They have a detailed online site which provides customers with a lot of information about the company. They have a Backbone account which Informs customers of their latest deals and offers. They offer discounts to their customers when they like them on Backbone.

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Black Tie has an online catalogue that you can purchase items on. They have a store Locator They get good feedback from the local Community It offers good customer care by having a special section on their website for customer enquires Offers appointments to anyone who wishes to get professional help and device from the staff Weakness: High Prices Premises is small – Little floor space Shops in the crescent shopping centre have an advantage over them because of the free parking facility.

Opportunities: They are a well-known formal wear company throughout Ireland for the last 25 years who have the potential to expand globally. Expand the premises Stores such as Penny’s Dunes and Tests are making copy cats for a lower price. New entrants to the market During the recession even loyal customers may switch to cheaper alternatives.

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