Marketing is a process used to make the concept of a product, goods and services, appealing to customers. Marketing is making any product whether it is duct tape or Cassowaries crystal make a customer gravitate towards it and purchase it. Marketing is not only creating a desire between customer and product but a profitable relationship so the customer wants to stay with the company.

It is one of the most important parts of a company because if you want to attract you are and keep your customers you to be to keep their attention. The Perception of Marketing customers you to be to keep their attention. Marketing is made up of three different components research, product development, and communication. Research is understanding what customers or potential customers’ wants and needs are. Product Development is creating products, services and experiences that satisfy those desires.

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Communication is basically letting customers know that your products and services will satisfy their desires. The ultimate goal of marketing is to know your customers so well that you can practically give them their needs and wants without them saying a word. The product will fit that customers wants and needs that it will sell itself. Marketing has a simple definition which is giving a customer a product that will fulfill their needs and wants and the confidence that the product will do as it says thou any problems.

The customer is your market and their needs your goals to fulfill. Marketing is using learning, anticipating, listening, engaging, contributing, compelling, submersing, innovating, capturing, captivating, motivating, inspiring, responding, adapting, personifying, influencing, converting, conversing, differentiating, through a variety of different methods, vehicles and mediums. This is my perception of marketing!

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