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Straight Buy (Text, Peg 182): A routine repurchase that has been made many times before. Buyers probably don’t bother looking for more Information or sources. Modify Rebury (Text, Peg 1 82): Is the In between process where some reviews of the buying situation Is done. But not as much as the New-tasking buy. For a company specializing In lightweight bumpers for a pick up truck New-Task buying Is Important because the price of steel Is very volatile and new quotes for different vendors is important to keep the cost steel at a competitive rate.

An example of a straight buy for the light weight bumper company would be a routine purchase like office supplies, or more specialized purchases that would require time to prepare or mold like fixtures on the bumpers that would require advanced CDC manufacturing to produce them. An example for the modify rebury would be welding materials that are easy to buy in the local hardware stores but would also require some looking around for best buy. A good example of modify re buy could be an electronic purchase that requires some search but is not as complex as a new-task arches. 0. A marketing manager is considering opportunities to export her firm’s current consumer products to several different countries. She is interested in getting secondary data that will help her narrow down choices to countries that offer the best potential. The manager then plans to do more detailed primary research with consumers in those markets. What suggestions would you give her about how to proceed? I would suggest that she initially learns the country cultural and political views in order to determine if that country is compatible with the product in question.

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Example of this is like trying to import beer to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia knowing that would be impossible because of the cultural aspects of their religious beliefs. I would also evaluate the country’s current political stability to decide If my Investment could be protected If any type of Instability was to hit the country. Next I would survey the country In question for Information that can lead me to determine If my product would be profitable.

I would analyze logistical routes to determine the extra cost of transportation that has to be added to the price of the product and evaluate Import fees and quotas that can restrict my easy flow Into the country. And wants a great deal of information. It can involve setting customers’ specifications, before. Buyers probably don’t bother looking for more information or sources. Modify Rebury (Text, Peg 182): Is the in between process where some reviews of the buying situation is done. But not as much as the New-tasking buy.

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