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Me-In tries to offer three factors of customization, convenience, cost-efficient. The value proposition is consist of repressions teams, one on one service, budget price. Total estimated start-up capital Is $190,620 and estimated break-even point is $43,118. Contingency plans for the business are continuous marketing strategies, continuous discount promotions. 2. 0 Company Description [email protected] is the weight loss clinic center that guides people healthy and easy approach to weight loss. [email protected] Is founded by the executive Phil-Jung Kim, with the huge help of leading medical professionals.

The company provides variety of Information about loss weight and offers a wide range of weight loss programs that can be adjusted and it for each customer’s lifestyle and offer individualized counseling. The company is founded to make the process of creating a better body and life a fun and manageable experience. Me-In, Inc. Is about more than Just losing weight. It’s also about educating yourself and learning the several steps that Me-lion’s professionals create for customers to follow easily. The final purpose of the company is to establish and maintain a healthy, organic lifestyle of customers.

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The company guarantee the quite a satisfying results that customers can trust and carry out their dieting plans. There are lots of competitions In weight loss Industry. . 1 Vision statement [email protected] promote Singapore people to pursue the healthy and organic life style that enable them to enrich their lives. 2. 2 Mission statement The [email protected]’s mission is to provide customers those are interested in losing weight with exclusively accurate and healthy ways to shape customers ideal body with best nutrient body care.

We exist to encourage people to go on diet without stress and enjoy keeping fit. 3. 1 Global Trends Today, Obesity has become the major issues around the world, that leads to promote the trends of weight-loss, especially Women is sensitive on their weight too much even though they are Just average weight, they Just want to lose weight purposelessly to be skinny. It’s quite easy to find the way too skinny model and celebrities through the several Medias. There are various causes related to these trends.

This global phenomenon is now affecting the change of living conditions. 4. 2 Market Trends and growth For years, Singapore have got consciousness about health and fitness, the weight loss trend that is following by the rush of slimming centers and fitness chains. The weight loss and exercising industries are thriving in Singapore. According to Koch, In 012 alone, beauty and slimming centers and fitness centers spent over $57 million in advertising their businesses.

For Singapore who go on dieting, the majority blames sugars and fat as the main reasons of gaining weight, the most popular losing weight strategy was cutting down the portion of food, as indicated by 57 percent of respondents. Other weight-loss methods include eating less processed food (28 percentage), and eating more fresh and natural foods (45 percentage). 4. 3 Market Environment The groups of target customer consist of the geographic, demographic, and behavior actors Geographic factors 1.

The immediate geographic target is limited to people those live in Singapore area. 2. The target customers tend to prefer the location that is conveniently accessible by transportation, such as the near city area of orchard, Bug’s, Dhobi Aught, etc. ; Demographic factors 1. 3:7= male: female 2. 61% of the customers are single, 39% are married. 3. Highest percent of group of the customers is female, age of 24-35, office workers. Behavior factors 1. People recognize the needs to maintain the healthy lifestyle and care about keeping fit of their body

As people’s interest on weight-loss increases gradually, quite big amount of money is being spent in weight loss industry. This trend is expected to continue as analysts stated that the global weight loss market will reach a $586. 3 billion by 2014(Schroeder 2009), also mentioned that This market increased since the growing demand for weight management services, the increasing rates of obesity, the increasing popularity of organic and healthy food and health and fitness products, and the rising health and fitness consciousness of women.

Me-Len tries to offer the following benefits that a customer needs 1. Customization: Me-Len offers the various weight loss program that fit for each customer and satisfy the needs 2. Convenience: Me-Len provides broad amount of information and knowledge those are related to weight loss, so that customers can access to the right ways of losing weight and get the proper information. 3. Cost-efficient: Me-Len reduce the unnecessary cost that burden the customer and offer the programs with reasonable price. 4. Target markets Me-lion’s target market is not particularly segmented; any potential customers can be targeted. The target market customer comes in various shapes and sizes not coming just for the obese. Age spectrum is quite wide from teenagers to ass’s and the main targeting is female that take over 70% in the target market. Compare to other big dieting program chains, ME-IN offers the service on reasonable and less costly price considering the main customers are middle classed. The customers are new in losing weight, having no ideas where to start from and which to choose to lose weight.

The usual customers tend to get kinds of scary on the tough concept of losing weight as the other dieting centers conduct. The target customer wants to Join aerogram which is easy to follow and guide right directions of losing weight Strength Strength Each diet program is nutritionally designed by the licensed and years of experienced dietitians and experts to help the customers get the proper amount of nutrition of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals that people’s body’s need specific to each diet system.

Me-lion’s exclusive, highly specialized food control systems are designed with years of experience to help maximize weight loss and prevent pain of starvation in dangerous ways, direct the customer with full of healthy and nutritious ways. Me-lion’s one on one consultant will manage each customer thoroughly and completely to fulfill each one’s satisfactory. Weaknesses Since Me-lion’s program is based on the one on one consultant care, The cost for the staffs is quite huge amount.

And Me-Len is small sized company the amount of investment the company can afford is limited that leads to insufficiency of facilities and supply compare to those big chains of weight loss centers. Opportunities These days Weight loss industry is booming and people wants to keep fit and care about well being life style that they prefer to consume nutritious food and exercise to pep balance the life. Threats These days the weight loss industry lives on the promise of hope and quick results.

So some of the slimming clinics attract the customers by advertising unrealistic promise such as keg loss weight in 1 Month or selling the unauthorized diet pills. Exposure to high calories food is also considered another threat. Singapore is known for gourmet’s paradise while eating is considered as a national pastime. And also it’s easy to find fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s, KEF that make people addicted to fast food. 6. 0 Competition There are lots of competitions in weight loss industry.

Internationally well known big corporations chains such as Marie France, [email protected] weight management, Weight Watcher” take over the biggest market shares in the market. Figurer . 0 ([email protected] 2009) Not only big chains like these companies, there are many middle sized slimming centers those are operated. For details of [email protected] weight management, the company is well-known weight loss corporation centers that are 10 chains of London weight management operating in Singapore.

According to the company ([email protected] 2009), London weight management main operating tragedy is established with a group of medical researchers, nutritionists, weight management consultants and weight experts as the main force and offer one on one specialized consultant service to customers. [email protected] Weight Management uses 100% all natural essence products, the product’s ingredients has no side effect and effective in losing weight. The program consists of detoxifying, cleansing body care, slimming care, etc.

The price depends on which program the customer chooses, but normally for 10 sessions of one program, the average price is around 2,000 dollars. 7. 0 Marketing Mix . 1 pence The target customers for the service are middle classed people who cannot afford to pay quite amount of money to receive the weight-loss care, To attract these middle classed level customers, Me-Len program the price to be less expensive and cost- efficient to work within the customer’s budget. 299 for 10 sessions (including SST and taxes), Me-Len can provide a wide range of weight loss services that customers value from. Unlike a lot of weight loss companies out there, there is nothing to buy. Me-lion’s base strategy is counseling management and controlling regimen. The many doesn’t use specific dietary pills or products. Compare to the other competitors as like Marie France, London weight management, Me-lion’s price is 8 times less than the competitors. 7. Product (Service Programs): The Me-lion’s weight loss program is conducted depending on 6 factors of Medical, Motivational, Physical, Nutritional, Educational characters. 1. Detoxifying cleansing programs: Before getting in to the losing weight programs , This process is preparations to remove toxins and poisons from body and cleanse the body. 2. Recommendation of nutritious vitamins: For the medical reasons, when people go on diet, they suffer from lack of nutrition so as each person’s physical conditions, Me- Inn’s medical experts recommend the specific vitamins. . Health care (Medical checking ) Health professional experts check not only their weight, body mass index(BPML) and height, muscle mass, blood pressure, etc all the physical conditions. 4. One on one specialized consultations with medical professionals for each session 5. Nutrition plans: In the way of losing weight, it is important how they eat, how they keep their regimen healthy. Me Inn’s nutrition plans offer programs that provides patients the educational tools and resources to healthy food choices. Ewing. 7. Affiliations with a fitness center: Me-In affiliate with a fitness center that gives members of Me-Len amount of discount – Value Proposition Me-lion’s main competence are divided by three factors, First , Professional team are medical experts, dietitians, nutritionists and weight management specialists who helps customers through accurate analyses, providing safe and efficient weight loss secrets. Secondly, Me-lion’s one on one service enable focusing on the customer more accurate and detailed.

Third, the budget price of the arrive enables competitive advantage among the competitors and Me-In gives customer chances to experience the care at reasonable price 7. 3 Promotion 1. Coupons Me-Len tries to use distributing coupons throughout the internet and magazines and free newspaper which offer discounts on the service or percentages off sales of product. 2. The website Me-Len takes good advantages of the website to connect and communicate with clients and potential customers. Me-Len presents the programs, news and useful information of fitness and loss-weight and forum that customers can help sharing their own pinions and stories. . Free trials Me-Len let customers try the service for free and let them try if the service is fit for them and satisfy their needs 7. 4 place Me-Len is located at city square mall at Fearer park station. Since the hub area as like orchards, Bugs, the price of rent is quite high, the middle-sized business like Me-Len cannot afford to pay the rent. The location is near Little India and Bug’s so that people can be easily accessible to the locations by transportation. 1. Increase up to 10% of sales growth in the business. Continuous increase of the Me-lion’s business image .

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