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Trace how you might go through the steps in the consumer decision process if you were thinking of going on a diet and using either of these diet programs. If I were thinking of a diet, I would choose Jenny Grass program. Even though Weight Watchers has great programs such as recording meals and snacks in a paper, I do not think this would work. The main cause of people getting fat is they cannot control to eat properly. In this program, people prepare their own meals so it might not be successful on diet. On the other hand, members’ meals are prepared by Jenny Craig ND they meet a personal counselor weekly.

In this program, a diet plan can change, depending on people. I would say Jenny Grail’s program is much easier to have diets because food is limited. 2, How have Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig created value? They create different programs and target consumers differently. Weight Watchers does not control members’ meals and snacks but Jenny Craig control foods and schedules to make it easier. 3, Weight Watchers: their branding name is well-known in the world. So their name draw customers’ attention if they think of a diet.

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Jenny Craig: they have a unique diet program and advertising it but they are not that famous like Weight Watchers. 4, How can Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig increase the probability of customer satisfaction? Both Weight Watchers’ and Jenny Grail’s programs creates less stress while members are dieting. In Weight Watchers’ program, members’ meals are not controlled so it makes less stress. Even though in Jenny Grass program, meals are controlled, Jenny promises that members can sometimes have beer and fries. Those two things make less stress and more satisfactions.

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