Environmentalism and Fair Trade Assignment

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Weddings CEO Fashion is a form of clothing creation that cares about style and the environment. This environmental concern can either be in the form of the fabrics and materials chosen for the clothing, and/or for the workers who create the items. Finding environmentally correct fashion can be a challenge. But if one first evaluates the reasons why he or she is interested in entering into the realm of CEO Fashion, then it becomes a lot easier to find the right match. Sometimes budget is an issue, other-times there is a sincere desire to SE products and fabrics that are not as harmful to the environment.

And in other cases, we as consumers are drawn to concepts like Fair Trade in order to make purchasing decisions. Although there are many options out there, it is important for us as consumers to be well informed and do Our diligent research if we so desire. Many of us, and myself included, used to think that there weren’t options for CEO Fashion for important occasions. Of course there are the hemp backpacks out there, but what about for something that you only wear once? Well, in the case of Wedding Dresses, there is a fashion signer named Adele Heckler who specializes in CEO Couture.

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After analyzing one of her videos, I was able to ascertain that Adele incorporates organic hemp and silk, among other green materials in her Bridal Dresses. This is important to know because for many of us, we didn’t even know that it was possible for hemp to be in any color except for that grayish-burlap- brown that most hemp products look like. But very clearly from the video, by “The Knot” you can see that the dresses are a beautiful white color. In seeing this, there is always the question of how much energy went into the dying and lour removal process.

But after reading Dell’s bio page, it says that she uses vegetable dyes. One thing that we’ll see as we journey deeper into understanding Green and CEO Friendly products and fashion, is that there are a lot of grey areas. For example, one green piece of clothing or fashion could have environmental costs in terms of the amount of water that is used in its life-cycle. But one thing to realize is that life-cycle is very challenging to pin down. And so the more research that one does, the better, but it is possible to drive ones-self crazy by over-analyzing the subject.

Another aspect of Adele??s Wedding Dress Couture is that her “Hello Africa Collection” is purported to use Fair Trade practices in the creation of the product. The difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade is that Free Trade has to do with the limitations and removal of tariffs and impediments to the easy flow of goods and services between borders.

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