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Promotional Goals: The promotional goal of the prototype from Levis Strauss is to bring the same long-lasting comfortable quality to larger women of size. This can be accomplished by using the AID concept, an acronym which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action (Lamb et al. , 2012). Levis will use the AID concept via advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion. Personal selling of the prototype will occur through demonstrations set up In different retail partner locations that will grant the consumers to see first-hand If this will be the best product for them.

Consumers will be able to fit into a pair of jeans and then if they like them, they can be one of the first to purchase the prototype. The prototype will also be gifted to certain plus sized celebrities that will be able to reach a certain group of women through various entertainment channels such as printed magazines, television shows, television interviews, etc. Factors Affecting the Promotion Mix: There are several factors that may impact the promotion strategy for the prototype from Levis Strauss. These factors include the product lifestyle, target market characteristics, and the pull strategy.

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Product Lifestyle. Levis Strauss has experience In their products lifestyles and with the lad of the promotion strategy the prototype Is expected to remain on a steady “Promotion strategy in the introductory stage focuses on developing product awareness and informing consumers about the product category’s potential benefits. (p. 182) The prototype awareness will use social media, fashion events, and celebrity influence to target consumers. Immediately following the introductory stage Levis Strauss will advance to the growth stage, and lastly the maturity stage.

Target Market Characteristics. Our inventive marketing team have generated innovative concepts for the launch of the new prototype from Levis Strauss. The marketing team have developed a superior promotional mix comprised of print advertising and social media. With these two promotional tools the team have constructed introductory sales that will draw loyal consumers of the brand as well as the new consumer. Push or Pull strategy. Levis’ marketing team will utilize the pull strategy which according to Lamb et at. , 2012 “stimulates consumer demand to obtain product distribution”. (p. 62) This means that the prototype will be advertised to directly to the end consumer rather than advertising to wholesalers. How this timeline works is as follows, “As consumers begin demanding the product, the retailer orders the merchandise from the wholesaler. The wholesaler, confronted with the rising demand, then places an order for the “pulled” merchandise from the manufacturer. ” (Lamb et al. , 2012, p. 262). Integrated Marketing Communications: Levis Strauss will utilize integrated marketing communications (MIMIC) based on its slogan “Upside your meal and still fit your skinny jeans”.

As stated by Lamb et at. , (2012), an integrated marketing communication constructs “careful coordination of all promotional messages- traditional advertising, erect marketing, interactive, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, event marketing, and other communications. ” (p. 263). Each element of the marketing mix will highlight precisely how comfortable the new prototype is and how advantageous it will be for the curvier woman to become loyal to the Levis Strauss brand.

Advertising: Advertising is vital to the new prototype from Levis Strauss. The advertising strategies adopted will reinforce the Levis Strauss brand and also bring an awareness to prospective consumers who have been waiting for a comfortable jean such as this. Through promotion with the extensive marketing mix Lamb et al. , 2012 states that “One of the primary benefits of advertising is its ability to communicate to a large number of people at one time. ” (p. 250) According to Lamb et al. (2012), advertising affects consumers’ daily lives, influencing their attitudes and beliefs which eventually influence their purchasing decisions (p. 266). Levis Strauss will validate and reveal the significance of the new prototype through traditional media as well as the use of the internet and social media sites. Public Relations: According to Lamb et al. , (2012), public relations is the marketing public may be interested in, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance. (p. 50) Through meticulously planned fashion shows, social media, and celebrity advertising the prototype will be able to appeal to the public that this is the top of the line Jean for the curvy or larger woman. Sales Promotion: Levis Strauss will utilize short term incentives to attract end consumers to purchase the new prototype. According to Lamb et al. , (2012), “Immediate purchase is the goal of sales promotion, regardless of the form it takes. ” (p. 284. ) The marketing team will develop exclusive sales promotions through assign events, contests, and coupons to build instantaneous attraction in this product.

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