Planning Effective Marketing Strategies Assignment

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Aids used innovative marketing strategies in its sponsorship deal with the London 2012 Olympic Games to engage with young consumers in the UK and across the globe. As a market-orientated organization aids continuously identifies and reviews consumers’ needs to ensure its products meet these needs. It aims to exceed customer expectations by adapting its product portfolio to meet the changing needs of consumers. It is this focus on its customers, teamed with product and marketing innovation, that plays a key role In aids’ success.

A key challenge for aids’ marketing strategies Is finding Innovative ways to Inspire and engage Its 14-19 year old target audience. For aids, London is a key focus for the sportswear market, for both performance sportswear and sports fashion. This market sets more trends than anywhere else in the country. London 2012 gave aids a platform to target this audience but with a global reach. The sponsorship deal obtained by Dallas was the broadest set of sportswear rights In Olympic history. It became the Official Sportswear Partner of the

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London Games and the exclusive licensee of all branded (Dallas + London 2012) and event branded (London 2012 only) clothing. From these rights aids set four key marketing objectives: To ensure a clear association as Sportswear Partner of London 2012, Team KGB and Paralytics KGB. To engage and excite the 14-19 year old audience in order to drive brand preference in the UK. To deliver a Licensed Product Return on Investment (ROI) (branded and event branded licensee rights). To become the most talked about sports brand In 2012. Promotional activity is very expensive.

Organizations want to see a return on investment (ROI) for the money they spend on a promotional campaign. Sponsorship of London 2012 was no exception. Every aspect of Its promotional campaign, both to demonstrate that becoming the Official Sportswear Partner of the London Games and the exclusive licensee of all branded (aids + London 2012) and event branded (London 2012 only) apparel was cost effective. Throughout the campaign aids monitored all of its media coverage. This data was then used to establish whether he marketing objectives had been achieved.

The table below demonstrates the significant return achieved through this campaign and how aids successfully achieved its marketing objectives. An organization’s marketing mix is its own way to uniquely position the brand and drive sales. For aids, this includes understanding what its consumers want and producing innovative products that fulfill these needs. Using innovative methods of sports marketing, on a scale never before seen in the industry, enabled aids to argent the youth audience in London whilst also having a global reach through social media and online promotion.

Sponsorship deals such as aids’ heritage with the Olympic Games are very expensive. However, as this case study shows, through well planned marketing strategies with clearly defined objectives they can offer a way of creating deeper engagement with consumers. Partnering the brand with London 2012, Team KGB and the Paralytics engaged aids’ target consumers and created huge amounts of support for Team KGB before, during and after the Games.

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