Role of Media in Developing Society Assignment

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The question thus arises is, whether the media guide us positively or negatively? Is the media biased and is it possible for a biased media to guide a society In a positive manner? A few months back, I have read an article written by Dry. A. P. J. Abdul Koala, the ex-President of India, In which he had written his experience about his visit to Israel. The entire front page of Israel’s local news paper pictured a farmer who made some notable achievements in agriculture. The news was written in a way that everyone who reads it get motivated by the experience of his farmer.

I could not believe this as Israel is a land of sensational news. Every day the country faces at least one bomb blast and war movements. Doctor Koala continued writing that all such news of violence and crime are being given In very small columns In the Inner pages Think of India. Here media Is more prompt to sell the sensations than the reality. We read the news about scams, wars, corruptions and crimes in the front page of each and every news paper. Television channels are even ready to go to the bed rooms of sensational people.

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The real motivating stories re sometimes finding it difficult to get at least a small column in the news paper. What Is wrong here? Why the media guides the society to go after such irrelevant things when we have tons of development criteria are there to focus. Suppose If agriculture Is the life sustaining activity of a region, will they let their seeds to loss Its quality? I know that your answer is a big no. The region will invest its one hundred percentages to maintain the quality of its seeds and further harvest. Only a good seed can yield the best harvest.

Now let’s consider our nation. When we compare the frequency of population with landmass, our country holds the position of the most populated land on earth leaving behind China and also it Is the largest democracy In the world. Thus human resources are our asset. How can we let to lose the quality of our asset? Don’t you think that the biased media, who think that our people do like only this kind of news, misguide us? Even the film makers are biased and mistakenly made a mindset that the society does not have a quality to understand standard movies and produce only Miasmal movies.

Do any of these media add any value to the growth of a lot of real issues? Now, I would like to make a humble request to Media personnel’s. Dear friends, we are not against you, we understand the value of service you are providing. But, we want you to understand our quality, we are not silly illiterates, we are a society of esteem and so please provide us something worth to be debate, in other words- the reality!! We must realize that the media has a very constructive role to play in the development of any society.

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