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Having many retail stores can help VIVIAN create shopping environment, create attractive display, performance, and different customer experiences; increase customer awareness, provide them various choices of vodka and provide necessary Information. B. Weaknesses: – VIVIAN vodka is not cheap product,and not sold in any supermarkets, so it is quite difficult for customers to find company products if they don’t know company’s retail store’s name and addresses. Customers: Due to customers’ demands, Viand’s customer markets consist of Consumer market and Reseller market.

In Consumer market,customers actually buy products to use in should purposes, such as using in meals and parties. In Reseller market, retailers buy company products to resell to restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels. A. Strengths : ; These customer markets play Important roles In serving customer demands, providing adequate products, engaging purchases, which efficiently helps company achieve its objective, customer satisfaction, company’s good image and reputation. B. Weaknesses _Vietnamese drinkers would Like to drink some familiar bands as some competitors such as Vodka Hanoi from Halloo.

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Competitors: 1 . The main competitor of VIVIAN company is Halloo company (Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock company). Http://halloo. Com. Van/This company’s products include beverage. Alcohol, wine and other liquor. In fact It Is famous for Its products named Vodka Hanoi, Neap Mom Liquor and Luau Mom Liquor. However,all raw materials utilizing in processing are domestic materials, and those materials are produced in traditional way. There are some bad news about fake and counterfeit products under this company http://en. Move. Info. Van/society/facts/17622-Hanoi-police-bust-fake-vodka-production- ring-. HTML 2. Other competitor of VIVIAN company is Than Long company (Than Long Wine Joint Stock company) http:. ‘,awe. Anglophone. Com. Van/. This company’s products consist of wines made by fermenting Vietnamese fruits such as 1 OFF it has only 1 retail agent in Hanoi, and some retail agents in 6 cities in only Northern VietNam. Than Long vodka Choices: 5 types of wine with different alcoholic strength and capacities. Price: Between 1 5,000 VEND – 40,BOND Service: Delivery to customers who place an order in the home website, sole agents are located only in the North of Vietnam 3.

Next competitor of AVIAN company is HABEAS company (Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock corporation (HABEAS), http://www. Habeas. Com. Van/. This company products are broadly beer, wine, and beverages. There are also some bad news about company waste water polluting To Lice river http://news. Van. Dude. Van/ seamstresses/CHECK /CHIC 5/CHECK/2011 a. Strengths: By using automatic system,foreign innovative technologies and unique resources,Plan has many competitive advantages compared to its competitors.

Clearly, company’s products are not copied easily. (Vodka Science > Vivian Vodka Technology) VIVIAN has many retail stores and distribution agents in almost regions of Vietnam, which may be better in getting more market share as well as increasing customer wariness. Moreover, VIVIAN company focuses on producing vodka which make its products meet customers needs, wants and demands because Than Long company mainly produces fruit wines, not vodka. Highly investment in manufacturing with assurance from US or Germany.

The condition in manufacturing is very professional that illustrating for customer the quality of products b. Weaknesses: As mentioning above, Vivian vodka has many advantages in terms of appearance, material and technology but it still is a new brand compared to their competitors. People who drink wines frequently tend to choose the brands that are familiar to hem ( such as Halloo products like Vodka Hanoi; Luau Mom and Neap Mom liquor ), hence it would be difficult for the new ones to penetrate markets successfully. Those companies were established in sass) Additionally, the price of Avian vodka is much higher than it opponents ( about 80,000 and 30,000 VEND respectively ). This price is quite understandable due to its modern technology and high quality materials, but it will be challenging for this brand to convince the customers. Quite undifferentiated in flavor and in the packaging size compared with other competitors Avian do not eave the channels or shop for delivering its products for any individual customers compared to Than Long brand.

Micromanagement: Micromanagement Forces Opportunities Threats Demographic: – Vietnam population is 90,549,390 in 2011 according to CIA World Fastback(http:// www. Undermined. Com/g/g. Asps? ‘OFF – Most of the population is in Generation X (1965-1976) and Y (1977-1994) (Source:population by sex and by age groups in Vietnam 2010,Nielsen Pocket Book, More demands for products will be offered by customers in this age structure. More than 25% of Vietnamese population are under 19, therefore using wine at these ages re restricted by their elder people.

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