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New urbanism can be defined as “aim to free people room dependence on driving to accomplish everyday tasks”. Lays Beach is a unique architecture. The 1 58-acre, 900 home communities come with multiple amenities. Mission Statement: “Lays Beach is a special place. Affectionately named for the matriarch of the towns founders. Lays Beach is a reminder that what once was can indeed still be. It is a life of balance, a life of beauty, a life of simplicity, a life of grace. Lays Beach is a life defined. I think that this mission statement is very well written for this company. They stress how important it is for one to feel relaxed when sitting, and they accomplish this through their mission statement. Identification details Company name and address: OBESE Company and 9581 County Why 30-A East Panama City Beach, FL 32413 Ticker symbol: privately owned company, so they do not have a ticker symbol Officers: Jason Comer was president, founder, and general manager of Lays Beach since 2002 and has given it over to now General Manager Jason White.

Chris Gent is named Chief Financial Officer. Parent company: none Subsidiaries: none Geographic market: They sell primarily to people in the southeast. Business tactics: Lays Beach home sale statistics lowest price is $1,249,000 and highest price is $1 Lays Beach lot sales statistics are lowest price $210,000 and highest price $1 , 100,000 Size and Location: 1 58-acres, with eventually 900 home communities. Currently there are 62 completed homes in Lays Beach, 8 homes under construction, and 18 to start in 2013.

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They are located on the eastern end of Highway AAA in Panama City, Florida. Markets: Lays Beach only has one location, which is in Florida. Major equipment: Scalia Pool, Bonneville Press, Florida Wetlands, Parks, Health and Fitness, Amphitheatre, Community Center, Beach Club, Lake Marilyn are all amenities within the community. Part II: The Business Direction The majority of forecasting used at Lays Beach Resort is booked in the summer. The winter is a slower season due to the snowbirds. Full occupancy is in the summer, and partial in the postseason.

They engage the occupancy on the attractions that come throughout the year such as as the annual wine festival and digital graffiti. Most of the major changes at Lays beach have to do with additional construction projects as well as updated additional amenities. The addition construction projects include a beach club and cabana as well as a light dining facility. Additionally, there will be new recreational facilities constructed at the main location, which will include state of the art tennis and fitness facilities.

Lays beach maintains a close relationship with the Walton County Chamber of Commerce as well as the local convention and visitors bureau. The resort also is a major participant in the children’s volunteer health network hosting local charitable events and concerts. Lays beach has an agreement for its owners and guest to play on the nationally acclaimed camp creek golf club ours Just minutes away from the resort. There is continuing dialog between Lays Beach resort and the international vacation syndicate, resorts condominium international (RCA), about branching into the time-share vacation space.

Sean, the IT manager of Lays Beach informed me that their manager is currently pleased with the amount of technology they have, but are willing to invest in new technology if needed. The technology the manager thinks the organization could least afford to do without is their website. Their website is the most important way to give the community information on Lays Beach. Their website is divided into different sections of information. It includes videos of the resort, architecture of the homes, amenities, and more.

The resort software is designed for all areas of operation including but not limited to accounting, reception, spa and club management, inventory, and revenue management. One of the major types of the resorts software used by the industry is a software package that manages all aspects of the resorts operations. The management team feels like technology is essential to the operation of the resort. The communication devices, channels, and sources of Lays beach resort currently are he INQUEST computer software system to manage various aspects of the resort.

The management team feels that this software is adequate, but would like to transition into the use of robust software such as micron. The specific “green” initiatives being implemented in Lays beach is the first fortified for safer living community in the world. All the homes and buildings are built to Florist’s Green Home Designation Standard. Some unique factors that I have discovered researching was that Lays Beach drew inspirations from both Bermuda and the family courtyard homes of Antigen, Guatemala.

While researching I came upon an archive on the Alb Beach website that caught my attention was that Lays Beach has claimed the title of the world’s first officially “fortified” community, as certified by the Institute for Business & Home Safety. Part Ill: Service Concept The tangibles of Lays Beach Resort are: 62 homes 1 58 acres Amphitheatre Beach- walking distance Health and Fitness area 5 pools Nature Trail Lake Marilyn The intangibles of Lays Beach would be year round good weather and the location of the beach.

This is an environment to help you feel relaxed, balanced, and inspired. One of the most beautiful resort towns in the world, Lays Beach, is located on Scenic Highway AAA in Florist’s panhandle. They use environmental design cues to give a degree of tangibility and intangibility. The resorts extraordinary architectural vision drew inspirations from both Bermuda and the courthouse homes of Antigen and Guatemala. When final construction is complete, Lays beach will be home to 900 villas and courtyard homes, as well as restaurants, parks, and other resort amenities.

It is important to make sure the guests expectations and moods are in cue Perceive revive environment -Beach -Pool -Spa -Golf Course -Town Houses -Happy upon arrival -Relaxed -Tired Personality -Outgoing -Energetic -Organized Expectations -Politeness -Good service -Cleanliness Demographics -Families -Business -Travelers Physiological -Senses: temperature, smell, sounds, light -Information processing: directions to places within the resort Cognitive -Expectations to the serviceable: spacious, and on the beach Nonverbal cues and communications: -Uniform -Valet parking -Servers Emotional -High arousal or pleasure/displeasure Figure 3-1 Ambient Condition -Temperate Smell of candle -Music in lobby Use of Space -Homes -Lobby space Functional congruence -Golf course -Stores Signs, symbols, and artifacts -Direction signs Other People -Employees -Golfers Top of Form Environment “Serviceable” Outs Bottom of Form Individual Moderators Responses The environment and serviceable have to be managed by someone What factors can and cannot be managed by local manager include individual moderator, responses, and outcomes All of these factors are managed well by Lays Beach.

Culture Upon each creation, Lays Beach Resort set out to create a corporate mission tenement that would guide the actions of everyone in the organization. The goals, beliefs, and principles are the foundation and culture of the work they do everyday on behalf of their guest and owners. Lays beach has chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Their objective is to be recognized as the company that operates the finest resorts in the world. Lays beach is property of enduring value using superior and unique design and finishes, with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service. Doing so allows Lays beach resort to attics the needs and tastes of our owners and guests.

Their greatest asset and the satisfaction is paramount in everything they do. The training methods and incentives for managers and employees are continuing to transition and change. These are mirrored after some of the finest resorts and hotel properties in the world such as Ritz Carlton and 4 Seasons. Measurement of Service Quality The tools that Lays Beach uses to understand customer satisfaction are through Online surveys Questionnaires Press Releases Lays Beach Blob Baluster Jets Comment Cards or web based surveys l loved Lays Beach. Loved the White buildings and consistency. Loved the architecture and over all aesthetic of this development.

Loved the seashell like sidewalks on some of the roads here. This place really stood out to me. ” – Jessica W. “Lays Beach is our favorite vacation destination! The vacation homes are amazing with luxurious decor, private loggias and courtyard pools. The Scalia Pool complex is the most beautiful retreat I’ve ever experienced with infinity edge salt water pool, private cabanas, palm tree beds, hammocks and hot tub area lined with Italian Cypress . – Sue C. Lays Beach takes all of the online information gathering engines and trees ” puts into practice they feel are worthwhile. They allow these comments and ratings to be used to help them improve certain areas.

Co-production Lays Beach does not have any situation where they are required to co- produce the service experience. Guest Demands Lays Beach controls guest demand centered on occupancy through revenue management. This strategy is known to be effective The incentives that are offered to guests to encourage them to seek the service at one time rather than another would be discounts of drink at happy hour, adult pool and creation time to encourage owners and adult guest to utilize the facilities and not be bothered by minors. They also have special packages that are given to guests. Design and Blueprint I based my Blueprint Off reservation at Lays Beach: Greet guest (10 sec. )guest checks in (1 5 sec. )employees can’t find reservation (25 sec. 02 guest have been booked for the same home (1 5 sec. )guest makes another reservation (1 5 sec. )requested time is booked)suggests another time (30 sec. )0 Fail Point Attached to back Recovery According to Anne who works at Lays Beach there was an instance a failed situation occurred. The guests, Mr.. And Smiths room was not ready when they arrived, and they were very upset. The management had to give them a complimentary room for free. The husband and wife got a free bottle of champagne along with an hour visit to the spa. If I owned a hospitality organization I would recover a failure and go form “owe’ to “wow’ by essentially meeting my guests needs.

No matter the situation I would want my guest to know that this failure is being recovered, and they are still the most important need. The guest should know that we would do whatever it takes willing to compensate them. Overall I will try to make sure my guests have a good stay and forget out the service failure. An example of a failure would be in a catering event that specific item ordered for the event did not arrive. There was not enough food for the guests. The clients who had hired the catering service was so embarrassed they didn’t have enough food that the catering service had to pay the full expense. Part lb. Employees and Training There are 90 employees at Lays Beach.

The various education level ranges from a High School degree, College degree and, a master degree in hospitality and resort management. The various employees by diversity are from all walks of life. They have people working for them from all over the United States, and other countries. The employee selection process and procedures for Lays Beach are an application process, drug testing, background checks, over the phone interviews along with in person. Lays Beach determines which recruits are likely to succeed as hospitality employees by looking for employees that best fit their guidelines. The training process is very crucial, so they are looking for a person who is not only in good tidings, but will be able to Jump into the process without any trouble.

What selection methods they used are stated above. Front desk receptionist at Lays Beach The training methods used to help employees begin their careers at Lays beach, each with attend a 3 part introductory training program over a period of 90 days to learn and familiarize themselves with the work environment. Lays Beach provides tailored, management specific orientation for all managers. These are either new to Lays beach or newly promoted from within. This program is designed to give new managers the skills and tools need to succeed in heir new role. I had an over the phone interview with Anne, an employee of Lays Beach. I asked Anne how she felt about the employee training process.

Anne told me, ” I love working for Lays Beach. I am the front desk concierge and I love having personal interactions with whoever comes in. We have many different positions in our organization, and I am very pleased with mine. ” Ann.’s manager is checking in with her daily about how the day is going. He wants to make sure all the customers are satisfied and that their needs are put first. I asked her about any verbal praise he might get, and she told me its rare for her manager to verbally praise her, but when he does she feels encouraged. Anne told me that she feels empowered in her job. She is able to do many other tasks without his approval.

He trusts her Judgment in making customers happy. Part V: Your evaluation and assessment of the operation’s service management certainly many features that can validate the high distinctions that it has received from various media sources. I have had the opportunity of visiting this area of Florida as well as staying right next door. I have several specific observations that I would like o discuss that give recommendations for improvements in making the organization an even better facility. The location is considered a plus for many people especially from a global perspective yet from a targeted resort area it is located on the extreme area of the traveler’s choices.

It needs to really market ways to draw people in to explore so that people will want to eat at the restaurants, check out staying for future travel, or even for purposes as inquiring into an investment or 2nd home. I was unable to really find a market strategy in place that helps beyond money stumbling onto the property. I also seemed to notice in studying the area and services offered that there was not much activities that allowed the pubic to come and take part in its beauty and resources. I would think concerts, parades, art shows, farmers markets, sand castle sculpturing etc, could be great ways to bring itself into the community without the community having to instigate the relationship.

Finally, I think that Lays Beach has a selling point of not looking commercial and also giving a strong feel off Greek Island feel in North Florida but it is missing out on ore visibility of what they are. Its white crisp look can be at times a harsher feel that you may not be wanted. I think signs that invite guest in will give the look a feeling of warmth one that says come in and not keep out. In closing, I personally have gained much for this project well beyond the book smarts of a Service Operations Analysis. Being an engaging and relational person I was drawn to the cooperativeness of the organization and the help that they graciously gave me. In fact, I am considering to the idea of a destination wedding one day and where else but Lays Beach!

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