Social Media Identity Assignment

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Background of the Study The age of internet boosted the efficiency and increased the rate of news spread and information in a massive manner. Also, it Introduced the rise of social media which Immediately made Its way to be acknowledged as the backbone of the circulation to Information In the world Wide web.

The advantage to Internet Is limitless, especially in times of war, calamities, and turmoil because it keeps the people, and its nation, together, With the internet, considerably, at its highest point regarding efficiency is now so convenient that even third world countries can acquire access via social media as easy as purchasing a low quality smart phone. Children that grew in this era consider the internet an indispensable variable to their life and with It comes along the social media. Due to the rising number of a wide variety mobile device that could easily be purchased by the general public.

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The world can now be seen at the palm to a person’s hand. The World Wide Web is easily accessible because of the trend of Android Phones and Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and Notebooks and the Wireless Free Internet revolution that is currently sweeping the nation. And with this rapid surge of changes shaking society, time stands still at every video, photo and comment posted online every second of every day for the past three years since this trend began. People, their actions and their thoughts are Amortized.

Every post on Backbone, every Tweet they send out, and every video they post of whatever they have to offer to the world can be seen easily by anyone having an access to the internet, anywhere. Majority of the people that has access to social media tend to post pictures of themselves with the washrag *selfish’ at least once a day maybe for the rest of their ivies. This is commonly practiced by women other than men. Age is a variable from this result because those selfless provide for those who want to look back In time so as to draw experiences to compare ;the way things were’ with the way things are’. While there are risks inherent in online social networking, there are also many potential benefits. Social networking can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships, whether your kids’ friends are close to home or across the world. Its Important to be vigilant when your kids are getting involved in inline social networking, but it’s also good to encourage positive relationships through various avenues, Including the Internet. With the advent of social networking, social scientists and media experts have wondered about the benefits social networking brings to communication.

While some of these are obvious, some others have only become apparent as users have become familiar with social networking. The ability to increase our networking potential or work with others regardless of distance presents new ways for us to do business. Furthermore, the our loved ones across long distances. The way someone uses social media may reflect to only intelligence and personality but deeply rooted feelings about the self. How a person uses Backbone could reveal their level of self-esteem and determination in life. Statement of the Problem The study investigates how social media affects the construction of a desired identity. ) Do social media users depict a desired identity through social networking sites? 2) How do social media users depict their desired identity? 3) What factors affect social media users’ choice of posts? Significance of the Study The researchers aim to prove that a person uses social media as a tool to promote he construction of individual identity giving emphasis to attributes that one is proud of and the expression of a person’s good side as opposed to the things that a person does not choose to display with his social networks as they are irrelevant or if not detrimental to his status.

Entities (Floggers and social media activists) are growing in number because of the power of free access to the internet with their handheld devices. For every issue, either local or abroad, Entities would always have their take on the issues that they feel they have a responsibility to let others know. Quite often hey are criticized for their rough and harsh comments on the issues they choose to tackle either Sports, Entertainment, Economics, and of course everyone’s favorite, Politics. Most of the Floggers and Social Activists we know of today became famous because of the readers and fans that they gain by posting their thoughts.

Consequently, the study will trigger awareness for social media users towards social media etiquette in the boost on blobbing responsibilities. The findings in the study will be a good contribution to the references for anyone who can gain from it like researchers, psychologists, marketers, and the media. Scope and Delimitation The focus of the study is how social media could be used as a tool to promote the construction of individual identity giving emphasis to attributes that one is proud of. It shall look into existing research about social media and social networking in the present.

The researchers limit the investigation to a convenient sampling. Being such, knowing the likelihood of the respondents, a significant amount of the majority can be considered a viable source of general information. Interviews with school guidance counselors and resident sociologists in renowned academic institutions in he Philippines shall be conducted throughout the span of this study. Alongside will be survey questionnaires to be given to respondent students to come up with relevant data to help the researchers obtain answers.

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