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This culture emanates from the very top of the organization the company has a clear vision and this is communicated company wide. The company knows who its target markets are and how to treat them so to develop a high degree of brand loyalty. The aim of this report is to analyze the Cataracts’ marketing strategy and the effect of promotional tools on their consumer purchase behavior. As Cataracts continues to expand, it will encounter all sorts of new product markets, with new and demanding customers for unique and appealing products. Cataracts is a very successful with drawing customers into the stores.

From being a small coffee bean roasting shop in Washington turning into a multinational organization, Cataracts focused on three main elements: retail expansion, product innovation and service innovation to achieve a long-term goal once set by current chairman Howard Schultz. Cataracts has also done a very good Job of branding and making mind space. So when a consumer wants coffee or thinks about going out to a buy a cup of coffee, what is the first thing that probably comes to the consumer’s mind: Cataracts. Introduction Cataracts is one of the largest and the most successful coffee companies nowadays.

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It started with coffee but expended their product line into food. It is typical company- owned store has a pleasant coffee-house atmosphere replete with couches and Wi-If. Today, Cataracts not only sells coffee or food, but also tea, coffee-related accessories and equipment in more than 37 different countries. Cataracts’ goal is to create brand awareness through the “Cataracts experience”. Cataracts does this by providing excellent service to the customer. These customers can truly enjoy their cup of coffee or tea in the Shattuck stores.

Cataracts really focuses on provided good customer revive since good services let consumers return over and again. Cataracts excellent customer service is based on their customer-driven marketing strategy. Cataracts does this by segmenting their customers first. These customer segments are being researched to understand the customer’s needs of this group and then target this particular group. The products of Cataracts are being differentiated, which leads to a global successful positioning of Cataracts. The whole idea of Cataracts is to let the customers enjoy their cup of coffee or tea in a convenient area.

Besides that, Cataracts is being innovative by providing all different/special kinds of coffee or tea. The locations of the Cataracts shops are very convenient for the customers. The Shattuck shops give the customers a comfort feeling, like they are home. The combination of the unique product offerings, the comfort feeling and excellent customer service are the main reasons for the customers to keep retaining. However, successful ideas often attract lots of competitors. That is the reason why Cataracts also implemented Customer Bonds and Loyalty Programs.

Therefore, Cataracts cited to manipulate the perception of equity and fairness in gaining maximum return for their money and loyalty to obtain the customer satisfaction. By giving customers loyalty cards, customers feel like they are gaining more value for their money. They feel recognized by Cataracts and also feel more appreciated by the quality of service that Cataracts is providing to them. Thus consumers prefer to return back to these Cataracts shops and gain further benefits with their future purchases. The main reason for Cataracts success is the fact that they provide a arsenal service to their customer.

This service includes the greeting, the flexible choices of customers’ drinks, excellent service, genuine smile friendly spirit and remember the favorite order of the customers. By being more intimate with the customer, each client feels recognized and special. Sometimes it is not only about serving the customers as fast as you can, but it is also important to create a great customer experience. Especially since the power of customers has increased a lot. Consumers can simply influence a company through social media or WHOM. Cataracts solves this problem well by serving great customer experience.

Conclusion In conclusion, this report makes an analysis of Cataracts’ marketing consumer behavior by investigate the various motivations and behaviors of their consumers, the effect of marketing communication, advertising and promotional tools on consumer purchase behaviors. From the analysis of this report, Cataracts has been able to intervene in the imaging attributes, emotional attributes, and expression attributes of the brand through actions aiming to fix the logo, to expand the product implies, to expand markets, and keeping close quality control through the non- adoption of franchises.

Cataracts does not to produce products which they can produce, but produces products that customers really need. Cataracts emphasize consistency of actions, discipline, and quality. Cataracts do not want to spend huge sums of money advertising and promotion. Staff promotion is used as a principal way. Such promotional approach is economical and affordable. Cataracts having personal connection while being able to provide customers with high quality coffee ND a comfortable space for them to enjoy it in had become a reality.

Cataracts success expanded even bigger. It created a business out of human connections, community involvement, partnership connections, public responsibilities and comfortable sitting areas. All those factors including its background and history contributed in creating Cataracts amazing success in the business world. To do so, they dedicated themselves to gaining the customers trust and respect and to listen to what they have to say. A company as flexible as Shattuck with such a unique touch will have no problem climbing it’s up to the very top.

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