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Foreign Studies Korean Red Ginseng Enterprise – Sales and Inventory System 0. De Leon, M. Prefer, 2001) Under the Korean Red Ginseng Enterprise Sales and Inventory System, the researchers came up with a computerized sales and inventory system. The proponents used database to easy access of files and for easier and faster processing of the selling and inventory transaction. The program was designated to generate reports such as monthly reports, inventory reports, sales invoice and list of items. In connection with the proposed system, the proponents proposed a new and faster way of processing business transactions.

The system also helped the user to know the availability of the products. It also helped the manager to monitor the stocks and to get immediate notice for acquisition of additional products. The Researcher acquires knowledge about the file processing and report generations through this study. It also gives the proponents ideas to create the proposed system’s reports in online sales and inventory system. Automation is mandatory, thus automated report generation for precise reports is to be included in the researcher proposed system. Online Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) (Parthian, 2008)

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This project is aimed at improving an online Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) for a departmental store. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, generate sales and inventory reports periodically etc. This is one integrated system that contains both the user component (used by salesperson, sales manager, inventory managers etc. ) and the admit component (used by the administrators for performing admit level functions such as adding new items to the inventory, changing the price of an item etc).

This system runs on multiple terminals, offers a GUI to its users and connects to a common database(s). The proponents acquires knowledge on real time inventory, generation of receipts and security features where in restricted information are only accessible by employees, managers, administrators, etc. The proposed system can be accessible by employees, administrators and customers, making online transaction possible. LOCAL STUDIES Sessions Inventory System The aim of Sessions Inventory System is to provide easier and faster way to monitor the movement of your (INSTEAD OF USING YOUR, USE “THE” SINCE WE SHOULD BE

TALKING HERE IN THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW) business’ stock of goods. It interactively designed to possibly do the common tasks done in customary way. From item entry, releasing of items, inventory adjustment, transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and production, sure you can keep track of your inventory. IIS uses Jibes Tools that has been especially configured with properties that would help you organize well the flow of your inventory. To ensure the security maintenance of JOBS system, it has JADE Mentions Administrative Enforcer) programmed to protect he transactions in your system.

Users will be asked to enter their login name and password to confirm if they are entitled to access the system. Using JADE, Administrators can also assign a specific module for employees to access since they are only entitled to access modules that are related to their work. CIRCUIT INVENTORY SOFTWARE Effective Inventory management is made possible with the aid of Circuit Inventory System. This system is originally integrated into the full blown Circuit Accounting Suite but can work stand alone, tailored-fit depending on client’s specification.

It s highly customizable varying on the type of business that it is set to be of use, with the system layout based on the client’s current procedural framework and added features that would help improve operational efficiency. Your reviews should be similar to this review. This is a lot better. SYSTEM ADVANTAGES: Flexible, Highly Customizable The system layout is made ready to be customized depending on the structural operation of the user company. This does not limit the systems efficiency regardless of the number of users and the size or scope of the business. It can be windows or we based, as per client’s preference.

Efficient Logistics Thru this automated inventory assistance, logistics planning is set to be seamless with no interrupting delays. Inventory reports are available on time and it enables users to track stocks statuses in Just a click of a button. It helps avoid shortages that would absolutely hamper operation. Properly Monitored Expenditure Helps monitor cash movements and stock purchases on a real time basis. In additional to that, using the system would help lessen inventory maintenance and other expenses. Stock counts entered are set to be secured and human error can be easily determined.

Foreign Literature Local Literature Computerize sales and inventory system Computers began from a wild imaginative idea to the world’s highly prioritize tool. Computers today are now used as a substitute to manual processes and other past inventions like the radio, television, etc. It is now used by people for much simpler, easier and faster way to do things. Some used it as a hobby, and some use it as a Job. Technology has never stopped from advancing through the years. Its new innovations helps answer the people’s further complex questions. Why not use these advantages to benefit ourselves?

Many people use computers in their daily lives. Some use it for transactions, some use it for educational purposes and others use it for data storage. Though it might sound unnecessary but in some cases when storing a file for such a big company, can you manage it properly? Organizing, finding a file, etc. With computers, it can help you simplify the process of storing and managing the files you need for future use and make finding files easier than the manual process. A Proposed Sales and Inventory System In business like merchandising, Sales and Inventory system plays an important role.

It is used to track all the transactions made by the business and responsible for monitoring the items supplies. All the business transactions must be properly recorded and must be fully secured by password. A Computerized system is the best solution and most innovative answer for their needs. The researchers had been motivated to do a study on this topic according to the above observation. The result may help others to understand more about computer- generated data processing, especially on how to deal with computers in terms of speed, accuracy and data security.

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