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Britain and China Japan and India United States and Canada South Africa and Germany NAS: C PUTS: 1 DIE Moderate REF: p. 8-9 4. A global marketing strategy involves a single strategy for the global market with minor adaptations. B. Different strategy for each market. Significant product adaptation across markets. None of the above. NAS: A PUTS: 1 DIE Easy REF: p. 9-10 5. Pokka, a Turkish apparel producer, makes silk scarves in Istanbul. The scarves re sold to clothing distributors in Germany and the United Arab Emirates who, in turn, sell the scarves to clothing retailers in their respective countries.

This is an example of a. Domestic marketing. Export marketing. Joint venture marketing. International marketing. ; B PUTS: 1 DIE Easy REF: p. 6 ; Reflective KEY: Application Questions The J. M. Smackers Company produces a wide variety of baking and other food Canada and has developed brands and other marketing strategies for the Canadian market. This is an example of a. NAT: Reflective KEY: Application Questions . Mediterranean Cellars, located in Warrenton, Virginia, produces wine. This wine is sold in grocery stores in Northern Virginia.

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This is an example of a. NAS: A PUTS: 1 DIE Easy REF: p. 7 8. Italian! , an Italian apparel producer, makes silk clothing in their production facilities in Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and sells this clothing in retail stores in these countries. Italian! Is a(n) a. International enterprise. Domestic corporation. Multinational corporation. Interdependent enterprise. ; C PUTS: 1 DIE Easy REF: p. 8 Proctor & Gamble focuses its marketing efforts in the detergent category on 9. Subsidiaries in foreign markets.

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