Higher Education in Nursing Should Be a Requirement Assignment

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They are sensitive about the quality of care they receive. Today everybody looks for advanced health care from highly educated health care professionals. Is there any reality behind it? Could it be the high- education that enables nurses to provide high quality patient care? Although general nursing program provides basic education for nurses, higher education will equip the nursing professionals with skills, knowledge and competence to provide quality care to patients. Advantages of Baccalaureate-Degree Level In Nursing

First of all, college level education will aid the nursing professionals to creatively and constructively respond to rapid changes in health care systems in the modern technological world. The purpose of higher education in Baccalaureate level is to empower the nursing staff provide excellent holistic care to all as well as inculcate in them a strong desire for knowledge and to aspire for advanced degrees in this profession. Moreover, higher education will open new horizon for nursing professionals beyond bedside care to administration, research and management.

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Nursing is a combination of science and art. While basic training will encourage nurses to care for patients compassionately irrespective of age, creed, color, sex, life style and ethnic orientation, degree level training and education will thrust them to leadership roles, critical thinking, assessing, communicating, postulating and advanced education. Nurses are accountable for the quality of care they provide. Quality comes along with technical and advanced knowledge which higher education aims at.

Competence In profession Is achieved through participation in various orgasm that are available through the modern media and published nursing resources. In addition to giving bedside care to the patients, the health care professional also will learn to collaborate with other professionals in the field and reach out to the community in health care services. In the last few years, Health Care System has undergone extraordinary transformations. Health care Is more globalizes and commoditized. Clients choose to shop around hospitals before choosing one.

Many Hospitals after having analyzed their essential nursing staff and systems of are have promoted and provided opportunities for educational advancement for associate degree holders. Most of the hospitals favor now new-hires to be Boss. Disadvantages Of Associate-Degree Level In Nursing In comparison with DAN, BBS degree brings more competence, independence and autonomy and integrity. They will be able to cooperate with other associates of health care team In providing excellent holistic nursing care people look for today.

Although both DAN and BBS candidates are eligible to take UNCLE board exam and might 1 OFF revive the excellent care one is looking for. In hospitals and other nursing care facilities, all the nurses work together, even if one is BBS or RUN, but degree nurses get more chances for management and leadership due to their higher education. An associate degree level nurse operates more in bedside nursing whereas BBS functions from pre-admission to post discharge. A degree level student gets five years of education but the associate degree student gets two years and six months education only.

The more years’ study enables BBS to do their Job more effectively Han an DAN for the promotion of health, prevention of the illness, detection of diseases especially acute and chronic conditions, and advocate hope and strength to patients’ families. As a nurse, I have faced situations that motivate me to pursue a BBS program. In this career every day we come in contact with numerous critical conditions and every single choice we make is very critical and irreparable. I remember working in a rural hospital in the labor room. The woman had no access to a gynecologist prior to admission.

In the emergency room she was at labor with ruptured membrane. I was able to assess the critical nature of her condition I. E. Cord prolapsed and fetal distress. Immediately, I was able to elevate the foot end and help to release the pressure on the code. Although I was successful in preventing death of a baby, but I failed give proper explanations in surgical procedure and health teaching to eliminate their frustrations. Hence, I had to get the supervisor who had a degree level in nursing, to give patient and her family the accurate explanations and health teaching related to the surgery.

Here I felt the value of having a degree level education in nursing and higher knowledge in this field. “Quality patient care hinges on having a well-educated nursing workforce. Research has shown that lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors and positive outcomes are all linked to nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate degree levels. “(CAN Fact Sheet, page 1) The Magnet Hospital trend now has returned the nursing professional for further studies and specialization to compete with the cutting edge technology and advancement in healthcare practice.

Through higher education, nurses will turn as he decision maker, leader and advisor for the staff and patients. The knowledge they acquire will help them to handle complex situations in perfect style. We could see emergence of new Florence Nightingales, Betty Unmans and Rogers in the field of research, technological and holistic care with the commitment and passion for learning born out of total care for the sick and the dying.

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