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Self-Reference Criterion is an unconscious reference to one’s own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decision. Global Awareness is a conceptual understanding based upon an applicable knowledge of global and cultural perspectives, which is very important for marketers to have knowledge of world market potentials and global trends. 2. Discuss the four phases of international marketing Involvement. -In no direct foreign marketing stage, the company may not actively Involve In International marketing.

But yet there are still have possibility of the product to sell In oversea through the distributor or wholesaler without the knowledge of the producer. The next stage is infrequent foreign marketing, where company may involve in the international marketing infrequently depending when there are temporary surplus of the production. Company has no intention to maintain the International demand and only focus in domestic demand. When only there are surplus of product after distributing the domestic market then only the company would sell to overseas market. The next level Is regular marketing.

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In this stage, the company has the Intention to do International marketing and has permanent production capacity allocate to International demand. Company may has own sales subsidiaries In the foreign market. However the sales of the company still depend to the domestic market and The final level is international marketing, where company fully involved and committed in the international market. The company not only setting up sales subsidiaries but the production plant in the foreign country. 3. Discuss the conditions that have led to the development of global markets.

The development of global markets has resulted from new communications technology, travel and other factors which have led to the markets of the world being more aware of different products and processes. 4. Differentiate among the three international marketing concepts. -1) Domestic Market Expansion Concept: domestic company that wants to sell its domestic products to foreign markets. 2) Multi Domestic Market Concept: company wants to market overseas and acknowledges that these markets are unique and different from the domestic market. 3) Global Marketing Concept: focuses on one homogeneous global market.

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