Job Application Letter for a marketing position. Assignment

Job Application Letter for a marketing position. Assignment Words: 344

Your name your address your details Mr.. Paul H. Dante Director of Personnel Magnum Group, 1123 propose Circle W Baltimore, MD 21202 Dear Mr.. Daniel, Can Magnum Group use a hardworking college student who wants a career in Marketing analysis? My education, experience, and personal qualities qualify me well for this Job. I will receive my Bachelor of Science from University of South Alabama with a major in Marketing this coming spring. The degree I will receive this coming spring has even me a broad foundation of Marketing knowledge.

I have learned a lot about the analytical skills needed. As a major In Marketing, I have studied such topics as consumer behavior, product and services strategy and marketing research. In addition, I selected eight courses of economics and Included global economic to enhance my career in business. I have gained my international working experience in both Malaysia and the united States. My two years experience as a Marketing analyst assistant in Survey Research Malaysia has taught me to be more practical and mature when making decisions.

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When I studied at the university of South Alabama, I worked as a part time sales representative in Varsity Company for a year. These experiences should clearly help me fit in and contribute to the work in your office. I was born In multi-culture background society, this make me able to speak In different kind of languages. Understanding the Importance of being able to get along ell with people, I have actively participated in Girl Scouts when I was in high school.

Council to further my ability to deal with people. My preparation has been designed to prepare me for work in your company, Mr.. Daniel. So may I talk to you about working for Magnum? I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other qualifications with you. Please contact me at 251-340-3828 to arrange an interview. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the ways my skills may best serve Magnum Group. Sincerely,

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