Boden’s Marketing Position Assignment

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SOOT Analysis -Strong Brand Name/Reputation -Consumer Loyalty Online sales/Website -No Mobile App -Lack of Scale Weaknesses -International Expansion -Innovation -New Market Threats Strengths Opportunities -Similar product offering as Jigsaw -Economy downtown -Increased intense competition SOOT analysis can identify which parts of Boded need to improve, and what the best strategy to keep. It can also offer helpful perspectives at any stage of an effort. For example, if Boded at a turning point, an inventory of its strengths and weaknesses can reveal priorities as well as possibilities.

Besides, it can help Boded explore capabilities for new efforts or solutions to problems (Slower, 2013). PEST analysis Political The Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission may require a reasonable price positioning for SSI 5 (cannot be too low to cause unfair competition) (Frances and Stephen, 2006). Economic 1 . Current economic environment in the I-J is apparent instable. 2. But it is predicted to present the economic recovery in 201 5, so the company can choose the positioning strategy rather than short-term measures (promotion) for SSI 5 (Claudio, Ganglion and Daniel, 2010).

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Social The demographic environment: the percentage of employed women keeps increasing, so the stripe, which we analyze for SSI 5, is suitable for employed women (a big margin) (Frances and Stephen, 2006). Technological 1 . The development of online ordering: provide advertising for SSI 5 and customers can poorer online. 2. Use natural rather than artificial fibers for SSI 5 (stripe) (Frances and Stephen, 2006). The economic, social and technological environments are relatively favorable for Boded to develop and get big profits in the coming period SSI 5).

However, political forces may have some negative impacts on its pricing, which may lead too small loss. Positioning Boded is originally a mail-order business, 90% of sales are now generated online, and mail-order remains an important part of Abode’s marketing strategy. Boded retails worldwide which includes United Kingdom, United Stated, Germany, France and Australia. 55% of total sales come from United Stated and Germany. United Stated business becomes the biggest market for Boded (Financial Times, 2014). Option depth behind key looks

Figure 1: Fashionably Positioning Map (Stud, 2014) In this chart, the abscissa is the presence of key looks and the ordinate is the potion depth behind key looks, which means the bigger the value of abscissa and ordinate, the more fashionable the brand is. We can see clearly that Boded is the nearest brand to the survey average which means its fashionably is a little higher than the average level. Com Shop: Shift dresses With the resurgence of the ‘ass aesthetic, simple shift dresses make a strong comeback in mini proportions which is strongly shown in Boded.

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