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The religion of Islam has given the world and its cultures many important achievements. Most of these achievements formed a strong base for math, science, and poetry. Islam supported huge trade routes, of which todays are still based upon. Even the word traffic is derived form Arabic, the language spoken by many Muslim, means distribution. Islam allowed its followers to “think outside the box” and let imagination run wild. Peacefully. Achievements from Muslim trade and philosophy allowed for major contributions to the modern world, with major impact. Multiplying a variable forms the basis for algebra.

The unknown number can represent anything. A Muslim mathematician by the name of Al-Khwarizmi wrote a book in the 800’s about Algebra and his findings. Algebra is the basis for most mathematical processes and with out it there would be no way to find an unknown variable. This also allowed for the basis of astronomy. Astrological maps were formed with algebra and a device called the Astrolabe. The stars even led to the discovery of outer space and the outer reach. Without Muslim science discoveries, the basis of the way we look at medicine would be completely different.

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Islam’s Philosophies gave people the imagination to explore in different fields helping them discover amazing facts. Theses contributions were able to spread so rapidly due to the giant connection of the religion. Islam was converting people fast to its cause, and making new connections to foreign places along the way. The religion not only gave these people something in common but something to talk about. Sharing philosophies started the major trade of the Islam’s and allowed for a very peaceful trade; thus allowing the major dent on society by Muslims contributions.

With the spread of Islam came the spread of its people’s discoveries. The “dent” left by the Muslim ideas was mot small at all. Each idea branched of into many more fields. From Algebra came Geometry and Calculus. Medicine allowed for the discovery of vaccines. The peaceful idea of rapid trade, lead to the stock market and in some ways, the internet. Connecting the world by the internet is like a really fast way of trading ideas. Trading around goods only found in Muslim areas also started the basis of the ever so popular topic of Globalization.

Without the Muslim philosophies to inspire the Muslims, basic everyday life would be much, much different. Achievements from Muslim trade and philosophy allowed for major contributions to the modern world, with major impact. Many important things in life are derived from older cultures. Many of those derived from philosophies. It is no wonder that many discoveries came from Islam. With higher thinking beliefs, cultures can begin to grow bigger and stronger. In the end, one cannot say the world would be the same without Muslims, in fact far from it.

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