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The highest of these levels is the level of brahmas, also known as the supreme reality. Karma, which is defined as the concept of our actions and their effects on this life and our lives to come, is one of the key concepts of Hinduism. It is a good belief to have because it allows one to be wary of their actions. 2) Hinduism goes by an organization of levels of the samara called the caste system. This system consists of certain classes that one will be born into. The general idea is that you start from the bottom and work your way to the top but there are things that can get in the way of this process such as karma.

If for example you had bad karma in one of your lives it is possible you can go back down. In order to proceed to the following level you must have good karma. The levels go along the lines of laborer, to merchant, to king, to priest. There is a level that is so looked down upon to the extent that it is not even on the list. This class is called the untouchables which is basically the garbage people. Use of the caste system is banned in India today due to the hostile treatment of the untouchables and other rivalries and issues. 3) Unlike Abraham religions, Hindus have several gods rather than Just one.

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Three endured million or more to be exact. In Hinduism, there is a god for almost everything. They have stories of the gods interacting with one another and relationships between each other and lessons that they learned and so on and so forth. The gods are not perfect but overall they are good. They believe that having god for every aspect allows them to be able to focus more on what their power or ability or whatever it is they represent for. You can see why they wouldn’t be able to understand why in a religion such as Islam, there is one god who is responsible and creates everything. Hinduism Essay By humanities

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