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The major dramatic question that was presented in the play was extending the comical, comedy elements and performance techniques to adapt the tail to an allotted audience. The plot was based around Rappel, a woman who was thought to be kidnapped by an evil wicked witch and locked away in a far far away place where nobody could see or talk to her. A prince was on a quest to free Rappel from the wicked witch and take her hand in marriage and live happily ever after. A scene that would depict the main issue would be when Rapeseed’s parent’s agreed to vive the witch their daughter and the witch promised them that she will have a good life.

However, this was not true and Rappel was locked up in a tower in the woods where she could not do anything besides practice her singing and talk to the wicked witch. The role which I took in the play Rappel Uncut was an actor. I played the mother of Rappel. Whilst playing the role of the mother I had to develop a voice that sounded like a woman. After a few rehearsals I started to develop a high raspy woman voice which made my character sound really funny and humorous.

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Learning he lines for the mother role was quite easy, having been involved in “The Small Poppies” play last semester helped me boost my memory skills which made the task of learning my lines for Rappel Uncut be able to be completed in a small amount of time. As an actor many tasks had to be fulfilled apart from learning my lines; I had to be aware of the space on stage, be cautious of my blocking and get used to using the props. Through the task of playing a woman in the play, I learnt to develop some traits that were specific for my character.

For example, walking, talking and body engage. This really enhanced my character to a great extent. Having the majority of people in my class as friends made it much easier to work together and organize things. What made this play better was the constant help of others in the class which resulted in the class being able to do a magnificent Job of the play. I discovered a lot about my character whilst reading the script. I could tell the physical attributes of my character had to be exaggerated to an extent and I vocally had to develop a screechy woman voice which depicted my anger.

During rehearsals I began o discover more about my character and was able to adapt a few things here and there to really make my character excel. The first performance was quite nerve wracking and I did not know how the audience would respond to my character and the play in a whole. The second play was much more relaxed as I had a better understanding of how the audience would react and it was much more easier to say my lines as I knew how to propel them better. A scene that demonstrates my character’s behavior is when I confront my husband about not bringing me chicken inns and subsequently shout at the top of my lungs.

This really demonstrates what qualities my character holds as she is an angry, pregnant woman in need of radishes. The only problem I had during technical week for rehearsals was developing my voice for my character and enhancing the clarity of my diction so the audience could hear my lines better. Dodo so, I did voice warm ups including “twang”. The scene where I had to strain my voice was resolved by doing the warm up activities and this really improved my pronunciation in the productions. A change, which I would have

Included In ten performance In relation to my contractor, would De speaking my lines at a slower pace and to also develop a better voice for my character so it did not hurt as much. The scene where I get really angry and point towards my husband (Damn) could have been performed slower and my diction could have been stronger. First, the drama class performed in front of younger children varied from years 5-8. I thought the first performance was superior over the second as the play was better suited for the younger students.

The second play was performed in front f year g’s and 1 g’s who did find the play funny but not as much as the younger students. Some of the lines were corny which made the younger students laugh, but the older students found them not as humorous. Before the performance we did warm up activities to help us get ready for the production. This included moving around the room and shouting my lines out which helped me significantly for the two performances. The audience really enjoyed the scene where I die from choking on a chicken wing as I really exaggerated my performance of my death, and it followed on y me getting dragged off the stage.

Apart from having a great time completing the play, I also learnt a lot, including how to develop a character and how to work with others. I learnt to work with others by listening to what they have to say, accepting healthy criticism about developing my character, and the use of props etc. I also learnt a lot about my character during the drama term, for example learning how to develop a woman’s voice and how to act like one. As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the play and it was yet again another fulfilling experience.

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