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The encounters and interaction of speech: Lying Confronting Prevaricating Concealing Admitting Page 4 Proclaiming For instance, Whole Saying writes for reference, but has the reading audience in mind. Nevertheless, drama is meant to be performed before an The primary goal Of drama is action. The director controls the drama. Drama is therefore, the most collaborative of all forms of literature. Page 5 The Roman writer, Horace, in one of the well known statements about the purpose of literature in general and drama in particular, said it was designed ‘to delight and instruct’.

The theme or subject matter of a particular play is determined by the language of such a play. The language of drama is patterned on real-life conversations among people, and yet, when e watch a play, we have to consider the differences between real talk and drama. Dramatic effects are dialogue,dramatic irony,pun,allegory,soliloquy etc. Page 6 Dialogue ; A play exists in dialogues. Therefore, one prominent feature of the language of the drama is dialogue/conversation. Characters use language that reveals their status, background, motivations, and so on. Page 7 Dramatic irony ; Dramatic irony entails a situation where the reader(or audience) knows something about what’s happening in the plot, about which the character(s) has/have no knowledge. ; The audience may sympathize with the character, who does not Powering Templates know the true situation. Page 8 ; Examples: Dealer Shakespearean Othello Page 9 Allegory ; Allegory is an expression off truth by means of a particular symbolic meaning. In allegory, abstract qualities are seen and personified into Page 10 pun ; The primary function of pun is to capture the conflicts and complex meanings of the characters’ experiences through the individual words. ; Puns used in comical situations are common in Shakespearean plays. Page 11 Examples: Powering Romeo and Juliet and Soliloquy ; Soliloquy is a dramatic speech uttered by a character speaking aloud alone on the stage. We see for example, instances of soliloquy in Shakespearean Macbeth and Hamlet.

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Page 12 Conclusion ; Drama is a form of literature written for performance or at least written in a style that would allow for stage performance. ; Drama as a genre of literature, is characterized by different movements that evolved with varying ideologies in a way to speak out the anxieties of Page 13 Summary ; In this unit, we have tried to explain the nature of drama as a genre of literature and the essential features of the language of drama. ; The spoken language is the focus and this is reinforced by certain paralinguistic devices.

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