Does Sports Marketing Work? Assignment

Does Sports Marketing Work? Assignment Words: 493

It focuses primarily on business to business marketing. “Exploring the business-to- consumer and business-to-business measurement strategies, as well as giving a few pointers on how to bring some of this measurement In-house Is the objective. ” (Horopito, 42). How can a sponsor rely on a company through sports marketing? Methodology Horopito uses real world examples in his research to collect data and provide real world examples to support his work.

He begins by discussing synergy in sports sponsorships and discusses the synergy between sports teams and credit cards. Horopito then talks about how a sports team (or rights holder) can provide their clients with the research and Information needed to support data. In this Instance, he had created a survey for 1500 individuals to determine how they felt about a specific sponsors products and services. Horopito used e-mail to distribute questionnaires about an array of marketing and sales questions that would help him gather the necessary data to form a conclusion.

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The sponsor in question was a basketball team, and Horopito used information from a number of sources: from basketball fans to those who nothing of the game. This allowed his data to be UN- biased. Findings & conclusions In this paper, it is clear to see the importance in rights holders having a keen interest in the marketing partnerships they hold. While this article appears to be more of a how-to guide, rather than a pure research article It still demonstrates how research is critical to making sure that your brand synergy is working.

Horopito recommends that any sports marketers use research in an UN-biased way to make sure things are running smoothly and that the synergy between BIB and BBC is working The search question is answered fully with supporting examples, and research to support Horopito’ idea that sports marketing does work if the proper research is put Audience Primary intended readers – The primary intended readers of this particular article would be marketers, specifically sports marketers.

The reason for this would be the simple fact that it is published in the Journal of Brand Strategy. This would be a go-to for any marketer. I think the people who would be reading this article would be marketers who are looking for more information on sports marketing in particular, ND those who are looking for an article that has great supporting research.

Secondary audience – A secondary audience for this article could be anyone from University students in business/marketing and more specifically, for the sponsors and brands that may be interested in coming together to market one another. The examples and research presented in this article could help inform both parties of why sports marketing may be a good idea for them. A sports team CEO could read this article and use it to convince his board of directors to get on board with a new brand.

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