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Fans who attend sporting events primarily for the social interaction or entertainment benefit of the event are said to possess a. High-level fan identification b. Medium-level fan identification c. Low-level fan identification d. Unfocused fan identification e. None of the above 4. According to the text, is defined as fixing your sports entity in the minds of consumers in the target market. A. Segmenting b. Targeting c. Positioning d. Repositioning is changing the image or perception of the sports entity in the minds of 5. A. Positioning b. Segmentation c. Targeting d. Repositioning e. None of the above 6.

Niche strategies are concerned with . Building new venues with relatively small fields to fit in more luxury suites b. Functionality, not profit c. Capturing a relatively small market segment d. Developing mass market appeal e. Developing a mass media appeal 7. A target marketing segment must be reachable. This includes a. Identifiable and common needs b. Physical distribution and media c. Substantial and behavioral variations d. Physical activity and emotional appeal e. Emotional appeal and common needs 8. Sports products, in general, tend to a. Be more goods oriented b. Be more ideas oriented c. More services oriented d. Possess characteristics of both people and products e. Possess characteristics of both goods and services 9. Which of the following is the sports marketer’s best defense/strategy to combat the intangible nature of sports? A. Highlight the competition. B. Discuss the great ushers and stadium personnel. C. Highlight the stadium factors or sportscast. D. Discuss the great athletes on the team. 10. When the athletic-shoe chain, Athlete’s Foot, demonstrates the quality of good (Rebook) compared to the quality of service (sales associate), this would be an example of a. Restorability b. Capability c. Tangibility d. Standardization e. Both a and c 1 1 . The total assortment of product lines that a sport organization (Nikkei, Rebook, Wilson) sells is the a. Product characteristics b. Product brand c. Product mix d. Product trademark e. Product line 12. Branding is used to a. Differentiate a brand from its competitors b. Increase tangibility c. Avoid trademark infringement d. Increase trademark blending e. Protect players from getting lost in the dark identifies that a sports organization has legally registered its brand or 3.

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A(n) brand mark and thus prevents others from using it. A. Prototype b. Sport product c. Image d. Trademark e. Both a and b 14. Potential customers are first exposed to a firm’s potential new products during a. Market testing b. Business analysis c. Concept testing d. Idea screening e. Idea generation 15. Nikkei has Just introduced a new product. To encourage successful adoption, the firm must first a. Make sure the consumer is satisfied b. Motivate the consumer to try the product c. Emphasize product advantages d. Communicate the availability of the new product

Section 2 – True/False – 10 questions, each worth 1 point 16. Game attractiveness is a situational factor for fan motivation attendance, and it usually stays the same from game to game and from week to week. False True 17. According to the text, demographic factors or variables, such as age, gender, education, occupation, and ethnic backgrounds, are all found to be related to game attendance. 18. Jim is attending the NY Jets game on Sunday. He finds that the new parking lot is very accessible from the freeway. On his way to his seat, he notices that entranceway have been painted the NY Jets color.

When he gets to his seat, there are new and more spacious seats for his section. Jim has decided to buy season tickets based on these factors. In the text, this would be considered the sportscast factor. 19. If Nikkei ran ads for a shoe that would be designed for marathon runners, with specific size limitations, and cost twice as much as existing running shoes, this would be an example of niche marketing. 20. When the NIL ran ads featuring celebrities, such as Shania Twain, Jim Bluish, and Cuba Gooding Jar. , about cracking down on violence (in game fighting) they were using repositioning.

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