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Based on a focus group research (see the Target Market section of this report), we can estimate that the average regular customer uses three lubricant bottles per year. Based on these insights, we need 267 additional users: 0 800 k units / 3 bottles per customer in a year range = 266,667 new loyal customers. Consequently, to achieve interest and retention of new customers for the Play range, the brand needs to communicate product information to potential users as well as stimulate trial of the products to be able to create the desired attitude in addition to a positive brand leadership image.

Presenting itself as the best tool to acquire and retain new users, a Direct Marketing initiative will be executed to encourage the conception of a database integrated by potential users for the Play line. In sequence to creating a Potential Users Database, the initiative will be approached as well to deliver sampling, promotions, and information regarding health sex and its relation to Udder products in order to motivate repeat purchases. The total time frame for this initiative will be 13 months in addition to any required testing times.

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The web page registries currently is planned to stop at 500 k registrations, however, a major risk exists in achieving over expected discount voucher’s responses, in such case, an assessment of two potential options will need to be executed in order to not drastically exceed budget: 1 . Cancel the 2nd and 3rd waves of discount vouchers 2. Increase budget for initiative and only send a 2nd wave of discount vouchers 6 months after initial one was sent. 15 Discount Vouchers Test In Cot and NOVO, a sample of 1500 lubricant users will be used to test and confirm the conversion rates response to a 5% promotional voucher .NET via e-mail.

The minimum results expected in order to approve the Valentine’s Day campaign is a 50% response rates. IMAGE 4: Testing Programmer Schedule Our key partner, Boots pharmacies, has offered toll supply a 500 lubricant users database extracted from their own loyalty scheme free of charge with the only request of sharing test results with them. 10. BUDGET & BOTTOM LINE Allowable cost per order & ROI AS previously mentioned, in order to increase 10% of the lubes business by using mainly regular users, the brand will need 267 k new users. With a budget that represents 1:3 ratio of total incremental sales, the CAPO is IEEE per thousand.

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