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Additionally, it is among the top selling Sex Health brands worldwide. In 2005, Udder expanded into the lubricants and vibes business through its new ‘Play range of products as described In the Anions Matrix below. This new line extension represented 20% of Udder turnover in 2007 which represent Meme sales per year, where lubes by itself accounted for approximately 80% of Plays sales, and therefore the brand intends to further leverage on it to develop the Play line in the next few years (Finch. J, 007).

IMAGE 1 : Anions Matrix Market Old New Old New market Development public buy plenty of condoms but spend less in lubricants which actually can bring a to of added benefit to the promise of better sex for consumers (Finch. J, 2007). Due to the fact that the Play line is still on its growing stage, acquisition and retention of new customers is necessary in order to ensure continuous growth. Therefore, yearly marketing objectives should focus initially in targeting non Udder lubes users in order to establish purchase and consumption behaviors. Product New Diversification New Product Development 2. OBJECTIVES In order to position the products in consumers mind before new competitors enter heavily in the market and also to keep pioneering the industry with diversity of healthy and pleasure products, Udder will be growing 10% of the lubricant segment based mainly in the acquisition of new users of the brand and the retention of them. Udder 10% incremental represent an added $3. 2 m in sales, which can be translated into an extra 800 k units.

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Based on a focus group research (see the Target Market section of this report), we can estimate that the average regular customer uses three lubricant bottles per year. Based on these insights, we need 267 k additional users: 0 800 k units / 3 bottles per customer in a year range = 266,667 new loyal customers. Consequently, to achieve interest and retention of new customers for the Play range, the brand needs to communicate product information to potential users as well as stimulate trial of the products to be able to create the desired attitude in addition to a positive brand leadership image.

Presenting itself as the best tool to acquire and retain new users, a Direct Marketing initiative will be executed to encourage the conception of a database integrated by potential users for the Play line. In sequence to creating a Potential Users Database, the initiative will be approached as well to liver sampling, promotions, and information regarding health sex and its relation to Udder products in order to motivate repeat purchases. The total time frame for this initiative will be 13 months in addition to any required testing times.

Usage Insight A focus group executed at the University of Westminster, portraying 20-30 year old sexually active women, all considering themselves part of a serious love relationship, revealed that Lubes are not used for every intercourse. A remark was made by one of the participant, “During the week, partners may be too tired to do the extra work towards the extreme pleasurable experience. Thus the need to use the lubricant. ” Participants claimed that the usual ml lube bottle lasts for approximately 4 months. Direct Marketing Objectives The DIM initiative will be structured in two phases. Where the 1st phase objective will be the acquisition through sampling and promotions to new customers, and the 2nd phase will focus primarily on triggering PHASE 1 – ACQUISITION 0 0 0 Generate the registration of 500 k potential female lubes customers in a Udder Lube database Create credibility of Udder Lubes benefits Stimulate one purchase of Udder Lubes PHASE 2 – RETENTION 0 0 Stimulate 2 additional purchases of Udder Lubes Increase positive attitudes toward the Udder Play brand. . OVERALL STRATEGIC APPROACH Different communication and promotional efforts will be done in order to achieve the objectives for each phase. Phase 1 comprises the acquisition of new potential customers and thus will require the biggest investment, which will be mainly spent on trial sampling and advertising in mass media channels: OOH, print ads and internet. Phase 2 involves the promotional tool of discount vouchers in addition to chital communications of interesting facts and theories of sexual activities and its positive relation to the Udder Lubes line. OBJECTIVE PHASE 1 0 Generate the registration of 500 k potential female lubes customers in a Udder Lube database 0 0 0 0 Stimulate one purchase of Udder Lubes Produce credibility of Udder Lubes benefits. PHASE 2 Stimulate 2 additional purchases of Udder Lubes Increase positive attitudes toward the Udder Play brand 0 Valentine’s Day HOW Develop a promotional prizes lottery for 1st wave of 5% Discount Voucher to lottery participants (database registries) via e-mail ml Samplings.

ACQUISITION 2 additional waves of 5% Discount Vouchers via promotional mail Communicate healthy sex tips and its relation to Udder Lubes in each promotional mail. RETENTION 4. SEGMENTATION, TARGETING & POSITIONING Segmentation involved 2,453 women and 1,834 men, revealed that 70% of women claim that using lubes during sex provided them with more pleasure, in addition to 65% of them expressing that lubes help for a more comfortable feeling when having sex.

Furthermore, the same study revealed that in most cases, the partner is the one who applies the lubricant, demonstrating the shared experience and common interest in sing sex enhancers together as a couple (indiscriminately. Com, 2009). Based on this research, the prime segments for lubes are: Active couples looking to spice their sexual life Consumers looking to work out a physical setback (poor natural lubrication) when having sex with a partner. IMAGE 2: Segment Mapping Udder Lubes Positioning Statement (Rises & Trout) “Udder lubricant offers couples who are looking for an improved sensual feeling a healthy & pleasurable sexual experience compared to regular lubricants because of the strong and trusted brand mage which has the stimulating and fun qualities needed for a better sex life – such as the aroma/fragrances, flavors, warm and tingling sensations. ” The positioning statement is leveraging on Udder reputation as a quality brand who delivers, focusing its benefits in sex partners as a one single entity or prospect in the market.

In fact, according to David and Corn (scribed. Com, 2009), Udder as a company aims to change the consumers’ perception of lubricants by making it more fun, playful and experimental through a premium line -Udder Play- and also by means of enhancing TTS availability by strongly distributing in supermarkets and traditional chemist. An insight was received from the focus group, that the objective of the Udder Play line extension, was basically to tackle purchasing barriers in consumers by changing the “I feel embarrassed of buying publicly lubricants and sex enhancers” behavior. Target Market Campaign Target Prospects: 0 0 0 Females, 25-35 years old Confident, Active and Adventurous Mass Market – ABACI Based in the results of the mentioned Indiana University research and the additional insights of Udder internal studies which indicate that 40% of women are unsatisfied tit their orgasms and also that 67% of them do not orgasm properly in a regular basis, Udder is presented with a massive opportunity for the brand to seize consumers for its lubricants line (guardian. Co. UK, 2009).

For this reason, females receive the major benefit when using lubes and therefore, present themselves as the most attractive target for developing loyalty among the Lubes SSW. What is the advertising/visual for? The aim of the advertising is to communicate a call to action for potential customer to register in the Udder Play Weapon for a Valentine’s Day sensual and romantic night lottery prize and receiving product ample. As a result of this, we aim to build a database of interested parties that will allow us to use the prospect for future promotional initiatives.

The campaign will target females, and will use the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, to promote the Udder Play Lube lineup. Idea portrays combining the use of lubes with this special day in order to effectively reach target. What effect do we want it to have? The campaign will leave the audience with a sense of sensual playfulness and Joy that is expected to encourage potential consumers to visit and register in the website. Our aim is to combine the romanticism and spontaneity of Valentine’s Day with a sexy and playful angle 7 for using lubes to enhance the couple’s pleasure.

Slogan will entitle to “Have more fun this Valentine’s Day with Udder Play’. What are we really saying? Udder lubes wants you to enjoy your sexual life. The idea that sex is more than a mere act, that it is more a fun, private and loving activity that provides a Joyful time to get closer with your partner during the most sensual night (Valentine’s Day) and every night of the year. 8 Why should they believe it? Audience will believe in the message because everybody is incline to do something unique and enjoyable for Valentine’s Day, something that is different and special, and at the same time a little bit “playful and sexy’.

In addition, Udder is a long time trusted brand, which people can believe will deliver the promoted benefit as they are considered to be the experts in sexual pleasure and 6. TACTICS As mentioned earlier, the project will be managed in 2 phases – acquisition and retention via using Valentine’s Day event as the main feel to the campaign. To start in (OOH), print and digital advertising. OOH advertising will include posters in targeted areas of public transport such as the Tube tunnels and trains. Additionally to this media, we will also engage in print media via Instill magazine.

For the digital media, the main feature will be to produce and post a viral video, which will draw the attention of our target customers and offer a direct link to the Valentine’s Day weapon only 9 within a click away. Posted in Youth’ this online video is expected to highly help create awareness of the campaign and consequently increase significantly the number of registrations in the website. Finally, the digital media will be integrated with digital banners that will promote the same consistent slogans and messages.

These will be specifically introduced on the websites of Ann Summers, Udder, and Instill which is consistent with the print media campaign already detailed. Moving on to Phase 2 (Retention Program), we will be using the digital approach with Social Network via ‘Backbone and ‘Twitter. ‘ This is a familiar concept for Udder as it was used as part of their “Things that make you go O” campaign (Markdowns. C, 1 1 November 2008). After capturing the attention and interest of the audience by means f intrigue, the consumer will enter the front page of the Udder lubes website www. Plaintively. Com , where they will be asked to submit their details.

We will encourage prospects to register and be a part of the campaign by giving them the chance to win gifts such as a Valentine’s romantic dinner and one night stay, or a gift box with goodies. Lastly, in Phase 2 after creating the database, their contact details will be used to run promotions for this segment of customer, with the objective to increase sales. 10 7. CAMPAIGN FLOW PHASE 1 Print Advertising OOH London Tube Instill Magazine e OR: 45% Instill Website Udder Website Ann Summer Website Online Digital Banners OR: 25% PHASE 2 OR: 50% Direct email Phase 2 Retention Program Social Network Twitter OR: 25% backbone 11 8.

FORECAST RESULTS Population Facts: Total I-J Population Female population Male population Targeted population I-J Internet penetration 61,783 31,418 30,374 6,026 100% of female population 70% Forecast Calculation Results: Audience Segment PHASE 1 Print London Tube Instill Magazine Online Viral Video Banners Style Weapon >Anne Summers Total Registries Total Required PHASE 2 rumination Mail ABACI Females 500,000 500,000 500,000 53% ABACI Females ABACI Females 2,489,433 Views 356,000 Views 184,000 1 17,501 34,960 35250 10488 649,925 500,000 ABACI 43. M Views mom 4,536,759 453675. 9 ABACI ABACI Females Daily Travelers 311,000 Readers 650,250 297,000 123,548 175,230 58% 45% 71658 78854 # of users Female Audience Target Audience R. Rate #g’s Registries In order to achieve the forecast results some basic assumptions were made as listed below: 0 0 0 The tube and Internet female users are based on the I-J population gender proportions. The viral video OR – 10% is a minimum expectation based on BMW viral aiming case study. The online banners OR – 30% is based on the article found (businesslike. Mom, 2007) 12 The conversion rate for Spam- 30% is based on the article found, hence assumption of 53. 3% for direct e-mail is made. According to CBS Outdoor Pack Portfolio on London Underground, 150,000 people enter the underground network every hour. That means, as shown in the above table 1 people use the tube everyday taking into consideration the opening and closing hours of the tube from 5. 30 am – 12. 30 am. According to Mediated, 51% of the total I-J population comprises of females and once that leaves us with the target market of 123,548 fax. 58% of the of heavy tube users have followed up a tube ad, highlighting the Underground ability to drive response due to its captive audience and the dwell audience its captive media” (cuspidor. Co. UK, 2010). Based on this we would have an estimated of 71 ,658 call to action. Considering the magazine chosen – Instill has a readership of 311,000 for a year. Generally, magazines have a response rate of 0. 17% (teethes. Com, 2005) however based on the survey conducted specifically for the Udder Play Valentine’s Day aiming indicates that the actual response rate for advertising in magazines is 45% leaving us with a 78,854 of responses.

Viral marketing is the most preferred form of advertising in the recent times as it has the potential to reach millions of people in a short term and is also cost effective. The total number of people who use Internet in UK is about 43. Million (Minted, E- Commerce 2010). Looking at some of the examples of Burger King (Seine article, 2010) and BMW (Silver. C, October 2009) where Burger King was able to generate 1 million in rush and million in a week. Meanwhile, BMW generated a OR of 27%, thus we assume an average OR of 10%.

This would help us generate 453,675 responses, which will create a database to be used for the direct e-mails. The campaign banners will be featured in Instill weapon, which has a viewers of 30% and hence a 35,250 responses for the Udder play banner ads. Similarly the banners in Anne summers which have a viewers of 356,000 views and a response rate of 30% would generate 10,488 responses. 13 “29% of Internet Users have Purchased from Spam”, According to New Research from Marshal (insecurity. Com, August 2008).

It is also seen from this article that people do indulge in purchasing sexual related products. From the total registries obtained which is 649,925, we would send a direct mail to 500,000 audiences and expect 53% conversion rate which would be a total of 266,650 customers helping us achieve our desired sales target. 9. MEASUREMENT Due to the time length and distinctive efforts done for the campaign along the yearly period, many aspects of it can be modified along the way in order to shape it to prospects behaviors and maximize results.

To detect any non-forecasted results in he Valentine’s Day campaign, an initiative track programmer will contrast ongoing results vs. objectives. The principal results tracking device will be in the form of accounting the vouchers used on the promotion by its individual unique code, which allows us to summaries individual sales and responses in addition to the possibility of categorizing specific behaviors of each prospect registered in the database. Objective Phase 1 0 Stimulate the registration of kick potential customers in the Udder website. 0 0 Convey credibility of product benefits Phase 2 Stimulate trial and peat purchases Generate positive attitudes toward the brand. 0 0 0 0 Measurement Comparison of Objective vs.. # of new registers By analyzing the database on how many of the potential customers bought our products using the vouchers. By tracking and analyzing the Acquisition Retention promotional vouchers given to the database customers Image Health Surveys for Database. Campaign Schedule DIM initiative will start in early Jan’1 1 with the advertising roll out for 6 weeks in line to achieve database registries objectives.

In phase 2, an online promotional voucher will be sent to each of the registers of the database with a initiative tracking summary one month after each of the 3 promotional waves to be able to ensure goals are being reached. 14 Details of the initiative tracking plan are as follows: 1. Phase 1: a. 20th of February – Database size measured by the # of registries in the website along the period of the acquisition campaign. B. Tracking of first promotional vouchers used by members of database. 2. Phase 2: a. Image Health Survey b. Continuous tracking of promotional vouchers’ waves to measure loyalty success.

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