Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Assignment

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Judaism, and Christianity share similar thoughts In certain aspects of their faiths, but there are some differences. All three of these major world religions believe In peace and an afterlife. Also, they all believe In spiritual beings, such as angels and demons. While Muslims and Jews adhere to strict dally laws, Christians separate the church from state. Peace is essential in all three faiths. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism use peace as a greeting, generally meaning “peace be upon you.

While Muslims, Christians, and Jews practice peace within their faith, it doesn’t mean they’re peaceful to others that are outside their faith. This is part of the reason for the holy wars throughout global history. The followers of each religion cannot accept each other’s differences, therefore causing conflict. If Muslims, Christians, and Jews could Just accept the differences of each religion, then we could have a much more unified world. We would be able to speak to one another from different faiths, and come together to find solutions within the world.

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Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe In an afterlife that Is both good and bad. Followers of Christianity and Judaism believe In eternal heaven for the good afterlife, but not all Jews believe that they will have eternal heaven. Some Jews believe they will have no afterlife if the circumstances for that individual are there. When it comes to the bad afterlife, Muslims and Christians have the same view of eternal hell. In contrast, Jews believe that they can either have eternal Genera, which is similar to hell, reincarnate themselves, or no afterlife if the circumstances for that individual re there.

The idea of an afterlife is crucial to the future of our world. If people don’t pay attention to their actions in life, they will find themselves in a bad afterlife such as eternal hell or Genera. If we all take into account our actions, and make them more positive, we can all have an opportunity towards a great afterlife. Therefore bringing our world together for a positive result, which would be eternal heaven, or paradise. The belief of angelic and demonic beings is common to the followers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The perception of angels is quite similar between the here faiths, they’re spiritual beings who were created by God, before he even created the world. Angels act as the messengers of God, and are the guardians and helpers of those who follow the faith. On the other hand, demons are simply bad angels. When God created angels, he gave them Just as much freedom as humans. Some of the angels defied against God and became exiled from heaven, which resulted in them becoming demons. The belief of angels and demons is important for our world as a whole.

Angels are positive beings, and If we can all find our own radian angel that can stick by us throughout life then our world would be a better place. Also, we must stay away from the demons In life, they will only bring us down Into a negative state. There’s many similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and many basis. These laws are in place to control the day-to-day procedures of Muslims and Jews. In contrast, Christians don’t have day-to-day laws to obey because of the separation of church and state. I believe that the Muslims, and Jews shouldn’t have to obey strict laws.

These strict laws will only last so long in the future before the lowers of the faith decide to rebel against such harsh laws. If Islam and Judaism separated their church from state, they would have a much brighter future, and wouldn’t cause as much chaos in the world. Although Christianity, Judaism, and Islam share many concepts, they differ as well. These major world religions believe in peace, an afterlife, and spiritual beings. While Muslims and Jews adhere to strict daily laws, Christians separate the church from state. With all these religions in place throughout the world, there will definitely be a more unified and peaceful world.

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