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Christianity and Buddhism similarly both religions teach about the equality of people and how good choices reflect the positive teachings of their respective religion. Also both religions were reforms, meaning both broke off from another religion and developed into a popular and wide spread religion including all people. Lastly, Christianity effect on society was that of the use of Roman Catholic churches throughout the Northern American region. Buddhism effected India and Asia with the use of Nirvana. Christianity acting as a monotheistic religion worships one God.

Christians airship one God, who is the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Buddhism on the other hand is a monotheistic religion. Buddhists do not worship a god but instead believe that the ultimate goal in life is to achieve “enlightenment” as each individual may perceive it. Buddhism also taught that nothing in life whether good or bad is permanent and nothing lasts forever. Christianity and Buddhism also had exceedingly different views and perspectives involving the afterlife. Christianity believed in eternal heaven or hell. The fate involving a persons’ after life was determined by their behavior during their life on earth.

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If a person lived a respectful and kind life they would send to heaven according the Christian beliefs; if a person lived a disrespectful and cruel lifetime they would be sent to hell with Satan according to Christian beliefs. Buddhism believed in reincarnation, which is rebirth of a persons’ soul in a new body. Both religions had a Holy or Sacred Book. Christians’ holy text is the “Bible” which includes the Old Testament, and New Testament. The Buddhists’ holy text is the Pail Canon also known as the Tripartite. Most importantly both of these evolving religions had broken off from a previous elision.

Christianity broke off from Judaism with the help of Paul. Paul branched off of Judaism and opened Christianity for non-Jews as well. Paul also reformed Christianity by removing the dietary restrictions. Also Buddhism broke off from the religion known as Hinduism. Buddhism and Hinduism both originated in the same region, used the same technology, and language, but had very different beliefs. Buddhism evolved the self-enlightenment and used this as a basis for the religion. Christianity greatly impacted the society of North America, and Buddhism had a argue impact on the society of India and Asia.

Christianity impacted North America with the installment of Roman Catholic churches all throughout the region. Christianity also has become extremely popular in North America, especially in the United States of America. About 70% percent of The United States of America considers themselves to be Catholic. Also in North America it has become very common since the evolution of the Christianity to be baptized by the Roman Catholic Church and to be married under the Roman Catholic Church. Buddhism has also had a wide impact on Indian and Asian society.

One of the greater impacts includes that of the Nirvana. Nirvana is the belief a transformed state of mind that is free from negative mental states, peaceful, happy, and non-reactive. Nirvana also includes the idea of life coming to an end and the rebirth of a new body but same soul. This is a practice which has is used throughout Asian and Indian society. In conclusion, Christianity and Buddhism have many separate beliefs, which have evolved dramatically worldwide. Both religions have not failed to increase in popularity and have great effects on societies around the world.

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