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CopyOptTM (Advertising Optimization) CopyOpt is a Decision Analyst proprietary advertising optimization system, is used to help create prototype advertising concepts by determining the optimal combinations of the variables. How Does CopyOptTM Work? The basic variables of a brand’s advertising are positioning, messages, and images. Once the basic variables of effective advertising for a brand are identified (based on qualitative research and/or innovation services), those variables are used for CopyOptw, Decision Analyst’s Advertising Optimization system.

This is achieved by presenting target-audience consumers with hoice-modeling experiments. Different positionings, messages, themes, illustrations, imagery, music, etc. , can represent thousands of possible ads. CopyOptTM tests subsets of all of these possibilities to predict the effectiveness of every possible combination of elements. Each respondent usually sees five to 10 scenarios (i. e. , combinations of variables). Choice modeling is used to derive the potential selling value of all possible combinations. CopyOptw permits hundreds of creative possibilities to be evaluated efficiently.

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The top 10 or top 15 advertising concepts are identified or additional testing, beginning with [email protected] [email protected] An early-stage advertising research system to evaluate embryonic advertising ideas and concepts in print-ad format in batches of 10 to 20 at a time. [email protected] helps identify the most promising creative concepts. The creative process often begins with a large number of creative concepts (or advertising ideas). How well advertising works depends on the strength of the creative concept”the basic underlying logic, messages, and images.

Once generated, creative concepts can be tested to narrow the choices down to only the best ideas. How does [email protected] work? The advertising concepts or ideas are translated into rough print ads”each with a headline, body copy, and artwork. Then a representative sample of 200 to 300 target-audience respondents review and evaluate the rough print ads online. Each respondent sees all of the rough print ads (up to 20) twice and answers a series of four questions about each advertising concept.

The answers to these four questions are fed into a mathematical model that computes an overall score for each ad. These scores identify the advertising concepts that are worthy of further development. [email protected] An online advertising research system to help evaluate and improve advertising concepts, early-stage print ads, TV storyboards, and radio scripts. Advertising tends to work on the strength of the creative concept (i. e. , the basic underlying logic, themes, and images).

The creative concept can be tested in the form of a rough execution”before the expense of final production. How Does [email protected] Work? A representative sample of 75 to 100 target-audience consumers are recruited to view each advertising concept. The respondents see only one ad (i. e. , monadic test) and then answer a series of questions about their eactions, including both open-ended and closed-ended questions. [email protected] provides a “directional” estimate of an ad’s probable effectiveness and provides insightful diagnostic feedback in the form of normative data.

The report also includes verbatim consumer responses to open-ended questions. The verbatim responses are extremely helpful to the agency’s creative staff in guiding creative development as the advertising moves into final production. [email protected] is often used in place of focus groups to help improve creative concepts. [email protected] (Copy Testing) [email protected] is a comprehensive, online advertising pretesting and copy testing ystem to predict the effectiveness of semifinished to finished commercials and advertisements.

Copy testing is a safeguard”to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Decision Analyst’s [email protected] system helps take the guesswork out of advertising. [email protected] gives you the diagnostic insight to improve your advertising from year to year. Better advertising, in turn, helps build brand equity and boost long-term profitability. How Does [email protected] Work? Typically, a representative sample Of category users is exposed to the advertising under a controlled, forced exposure setting over the Internet.

Respondents see the advertising twice. Then the respondents complete a battery of 60 questions and diagnostic ratings about the advertisement. Recommended sample size is 150 to 200. The results are input into the SellingPowern’ analytical model to calculate overall advertising effectiveness. Based on historical normative data, internal diagnostics, and analytical models, the respondents’ results reveal whether the advertising is likely to be effective or not, and indicates what needs to be changed to improve the advertising.

SellingPowe Model This analytical mathematical model is the primary measure of overall dvertising effectiveness based on 20 key measurements. The major variables in the SellingPowerTM model are: * Persuasion (brand purchase intent) * Brand reinforcement * Possible Increase in frequency of usage * Attention value * Brand registration * Brand remembrance * Stimulation * Empathy/ldentification * Wearout * Memorability * Pass-along potential [email protected] Advantages: * SellingPowerw Model.

[email protected] relies on a predictive mathematical model to determine overall advertising effectiveness. k Diagnostics. [email protected] seeks to explain why a commercial is effective or not. * Geographic Flexibility. [email protected] can be executed in any geographic area with its online research methodology. * Normative Database. While a normative database of advertising pretests is maintained to serve as a rough benchmark, Decision Analyst strongly recommends the use of competitive and historic pretests to help set action standards for a brand’s advertising. Worldwide Internet Panels.

Decision Analyst’s global Internet panels, containing over 8 million consumers, provide sampling flexibility and a consistent, precise data collection platform across countries. * Validity. Major measurements in [email protected] are validated for new and established roducts. * Media Breadth. [email protected] is one of the few systems that measures all types of advertising. CopyRecalIT”‘ (Advertising Recall) A comprehensive, online, day-after, advertising recall system to measure visibility and memorability of finished commercials through a real-world, on- air test.

Respondents answer questions concerning the following topics: unaided recall of brands advertised * Aided recall of commercials * Brand linkage to commercial * Advertising message recall * Advertising evaluation ratings is a sound method of determining if a commercial is intrusive enough to be noticed and remembered. [email protected] (Advertising Tracking) A system composed of standard modules for measuring an advertisement’s awareness, message recall, trial, usage, brand image, etc. , in real-world environments over a period of time.

[email protected]”our industry-leading, online advertising tracking system, can help you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising over time”compared to major competitors. It can tell you when a campaign begins to wear out. It can identify which commercials and ads are doing the best job. No one knows for sure how an advertising campaign will play out over time in the real world. Even if the advertising is ested before airing its virtually impossible to predict its long-term effects. As soon as a campaign goes on air, five types of distortion begin to occur.

They include the following: * Competitive Activity. Competitive advertising campaigns can confuse consumers and blur the messages they actually * Perception Bias. Consumers tend to notice certain parts of commercials more than other parts. * Memory Bias. Consumers tend to remember some messages and images from the advertising better than other messages and images. * Threshold Effects. Your advertising campaign (or parts of it) might not achieve threshold levels sufficient to break through he clutter and noise. * Contamination.

Other marketing variables (sales contests, trade promotions, consumer promotions, distribution levels, publicity, etc. ) can interact with media advertising. The data are collected via continuous, or pulsed, Internet interviews. [email protected] is tailored to the product category and the client’s objectives. [email protected] is designed to accurately measure an advertising campaign’s long-term effects, including: Brand awareness * Advertising awareness * Advertising recognition * Brand image * Media usage What Types of Advertising Can Be Copy Tested? * Television advertisements

Television storyboards * Television animatics and photomatics * Television commercials * Radio advertisements * Radio scripts * Radio commercials * Print advertising * Newspaper and magazine advertising concepts * Newspaper and magazine advertisements * Internet advertisements * Banner advertisements * Interstitial advertisements * Rich media advertisements * Unicast advertisements * Outdoor advertisements Qualitative Research For Advertising Research Nowhere is qualitative research (focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography) more valuable than in the realm of advertising exploration and development.

Good qualitative research can help marketing staffs, advertising agencies, and creatives better understand the fundamental issues and help them develop more effective advertising. Qualitative research is especially valuable at the very beginning, before any advertising concepts have been created. At this stage everyone is still open to ideas. The second great opportunity to use qualitative research is to tweak and fine-tune ads and commercials toward the end of the development process.

Innovation Services For Advertising Research Once basic consumer motivations are understood and some of the basic lements of strategy are visible, consumers can then be used to help in the advertising development process. Not just any consumers will do. Highly creative individuals are the key. They can help create “starter ideas for breakthrough advertising.

Decision Analyst maintains a panel of over 2,000 highly creative people (called [email protected]), who work in small groups, online or offline, to generate hundreds of advertising ideas for a brand. Naturally, these starter ideas must be developed into final ads by agencies and should go through standard copy-testing procedures. Advertising Testing Services Decision Analyst is a leading international marketing research firm and a recognized leader in advertising testing.

Our staff has copy tested thousands of different commercials and ads for foods, beverages, restaurants, packaged goods, retailers, and other categories over the 3 decades. Decision Analyst is a leader in the development of analytical techniques to enhance the learning from advertising research. If you would like more information on Advertising Research, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO ([email protected] com), or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166. Additional Resources from Decision Analyst

Advertising Research Brochures * [email protected] Brochure (opens a pdf file) * [email protected] brochure (opens a pdf file) * [email protected] brochure (opens a pdf file) * Complete List Of Decision Analyst Brochures Advertising Research Case Histories * Advertising Testing Among Hispanics * International Advertising Research * Market Mix Modeling: Measuring Return from Advertising in the Fresh Food Industry * Taking Advertising to the Next Level Advertising Research White Papers * Advertising Effectiveness * Advertising Research * Advertising Tracking * In Creative Self-Defense * Oh!

We of Little Faith * Strategic Marketing Tracking Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness Project Report Advertisi ng/Advertisement Effectiveness, What is Advertising promotion of ideas, Basic Features of Advertising, goods advertised, Functions of Advertising, new product features, Promotion of sales, new product awareness, Consumer advertising, Comparative advertising Role of Advertising Effectiveness on Consumers, Most popular slogan, Sales of Coca Cola Cold drinks, Brands of Pepsi, Sales of Pepsi Cold drinks, effective media of advertisement Ad.

Effectiveness, TV is most effective media of advertisement, advertisement effectiveness of cold drinks, making the dvertisement, sale of cold drink, advertisement effect the consumers, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, Maaza, Pepsi, improvement in present advertisement Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness The objectives of all business are to makes profits and a merchandising concern can do that by increasing its sales at remunerative prices. This is possible, if the product is widely polished to be audience the final consumers, channel members and industrial users and through convincing arguments it is persuaded to buy it.

Publicity makes a thing or an idea known to people. It is a general term indicating efforts at mass appeal. As personal stimulation of demand for a product service or business unit by planting commercially significant news about it in a published medium or obtaining favourable presentation of it upon video television or stage that is not paid for by the sponsor. On the other hand, advertising denotes a specific attempt to popularize a specific product or service at a certain cost. It is a method of publicity.

It always intentional openly sponsored by the sponsor and involves certain cost and hence is paid for. It is a common form of non- personal communication about an organisation and or its products idea service etc. hat is transmitted to a target audiences through a mass medium. In common parlance the term publicity and advertising are used synonymously. What is Advertising : The word advertising is derived from the Latin word viz, “advertero” “ad” meaning towards and “verto” meeting towards and “verto” meaning. “l turn” literally specific thing”. Simply stated advertising is the art “says green. Advertising is a general term for and all forms of publicity, from the cry of the street boy selling newspapers to the most celebrate attention attracts device. The object always is to bring to public notice some articles or service, to reate a demand to stimulate buying and in general to bring logethel the man with something to sell and the man who has means or desires to buy”. Advertising has been defined by different experts. Some of the quoted definition are: American marketing association has defined advertising as “any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

The medium used are print broad cast and direct. Stanton deserves that “Advertising consists Of all the activities involved in presenting to a group a non- personal, oral or visual openly, sponsored message regarding a product, service, or idea. This message called an advertisement is disseminated through one or more media and is paid for by the identified sponsor. Advertising is any paid form of non – personal paid of presentation of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Advertising is a “non- personal paid message of commercial significance about a product, sen,’ice or company made to a market by an identified In developing an advertising programme, one must always start sponsor. by Identifying the market needs and buyer motives and must make five major decisions commonly referred as 5M (mission, money message, media and measurement) of advertising. Basic Features of Advertising On the basis of various definitions it has certain basic features such as : . It is a mass non-personal communication. 2. It is a matter of record. 3.

It persuades buyers to purchase the goods advertised. 4. It is a mass paid communication. 5. The communication media is diverse such as print (newspapers and magazines) 6. It is also called printed salesmanship because information is spread by means of the written and printed work and pictures so that people may be induced to act upon it. Functions of Advertising For many firms advertising is the dominant element of the promotional mix articulars for those manufacturers who produce convenience goods such as detergent, non – prescription drugs, cosmetics, soft drinks and grocery products.

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