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Yet others found them to be humorous, with the understanding that Diesel hose to use amateur photography and young models to appeal to the target audience of teenagers and young adults. Yet, many believe new technology such as the Internet, is allowing advertising with sexual content (egg, Diesels) to be seen by inappropriate age groups. As many of us are aware, provocative advertising is not a new phenomenon. This form of advertising has been around for centuries. Dating back to the beginning of modern advertising in the sass and within Diesels campaigns since they were founded in 1978.

Advertisers use sex because it has proven to be very effective in many cases it attracts attention because people, “are rewired to notice sexually relevant information… ” Thus advertisements that use sexual content get noticed. Moreover, when sex is used in advertising it associates itself with sex-related outcomes as a result of buying and using the brand, for example people may think that they will be more sexually attractive especially if they wear Diesels jeans.

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Furthermore, as technology has progressed this ideology hasn’t changed. Over the decades technology has advanced dramatically to the point where advertising can be seen every,/here; from magazines and billboards to the pavement, sides of buses and the Internet. It was in 2010 that viral advertising really took over traditional modes. However, with advertisements now being readily available in consumer’s lives, it poses serious questions about where advertisements with sexual content should be placed, so the appropriate audiences view it.

Considering the belief that advertising has a strong influence over children and adolescence, companies need to be aware of where advertisements with sexual content are being displayed, as to not expose children to the negative effects these types of commercials can have. Numerous people feel very strongly about sex in advertising and the percussions these types of advertisement have on society. Every consumer perceives advertising differently, depending on the individuals’ morals, values and if they agree with the discourses Of the current era.

It is hard to appeal to all of societies ideals, especially when using sex to sell. As some may believe that a topless women is demoralizing and “a failure to be creative” whereas, others may enjoy this advertisement and go on to look into the product being sold. Yet as much as “sex sells” to some consumers is also turns customers away. Both members of the public and academic critics of advertising sometimes insider that advertising steps over the line of decency and appropriateness in its representations.

A survey in the United Kingdom found that two thirds of women thought that advertisers were taking the sexual approach to selling products too far. Especially when companies, like Diesel, use this approach even though their product has nothing to do with sex itself. Ever since advertisers have used sex to sell, members of society have not always agreed with the practice. Yet, research today shows that sex in advertising attracts attention and does in fact sell, but if used poorly or is not elevate to the product, it can distract viewers from understanding the message and the products brand within the advertisement all together.

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