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Advertising Media Selection: Billboards, Radio, Direct Mail, Social Networking Time Frame: November 1st through November 30th Statement of Benefits: Primary Objectives: * Increase overall sales by 3%. * Increase market share by 0. 75% * Increase knowledge of charitable actions and CEO-friendliness by 25% Secondary Objectives: * Increase Birthday Club participation by 15% * Increase social media participation by 10% * Increase Punch Card use by 10% II. Description Welcome to Central Washington’s first self-made frozen yogurt shop! Central Washington is full Of unique treats.

It seems like the perfect idea to have the consumer be in control of their dessert; and that IS exactly what was done at Fro Earth, Fro made consumers the creators. Pour and swirl the yogurt to your visual desire. Why stick to just a cherry on top? Here at Fro, there are over 30 delicious toppings to choose from. The list of possibilities is endless, with every individual contributing their own style. The visual appeal isn’t where it all ends though the inside is perfect. Not only does your yogurt taste great, it’s great for you. X. Horseflies, L. Vagarious, L lactic, and L. Acidophilus are all included in every scoop of yogurt. Fro put earth in their name with good intentions; your company takes the planet health seriously. All cups serve you by holding the delicious yogurt and they serve our earth by being constructed of 100% biodegradable material. 100% experienced isn’t where they stop helping the valley though; Fro sponsors local artists and displays their work in their shops, making them also CEO trendily. Locally owned and operated, they are here to serve the consumer!

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Ill. Objective(s) of the Campaign primary Objectives: * Increase Social Network participants by Increase Punch Card use by IV. Identification of the Target Market Primary Demographic: Age- 22 to 27. Gender- Male and Female. Income Level- $20,000 to $25,000. Education- Whatever can keep customers well informed. Ethnicity- n/a Geographic: Our Fro locations in the Northwestern region of Washington. Cryptographic: We prefer our customers to be able to appreciate and be interested in the artwork that we display in our stores.

Many of our customers enjoy nature and are frequently doing outdoor activities. Behavioral: Benefits derived- our yogurt is very tasty and provides a swirl in everyone’s day. Rate of use- many Of our customers like to Stay physically fit and visit our restaurants јo or three times a week. Loyalty response- often our customers like to try new things; but instead of going to different restaurants, they just try one of over 30 of our different flavors. Secondary Demographic: Age- 12 to 18. Gender- Male and Female. Income Level- n/a.

Education- In school; middle school through high school. Ethnicity- n/a. Geographic: There are many locations in the US that we would like our market to attend. Cryptographic: Customers of this target do not necessarily have to appreciate he artwork, they just like to hang out at Fro and enjoy a tasty treat. Behavioral: Benefits derived- good place to meet with friends and to socialize. Rate of use- once or twice a week. Loyalty response- currently, our restaurants are a prime place to hang out, and these customers will change when the trend changes.

Tertiary Demographic: Age- 30 to 40. Gender- Male and Female. Income Level- $25,000 to $32,000. Education- has graduated college with a major. Ethnicity- n/a. Cryptographic: Many of our customers in this market do not use our locations as a social environment; rather they come to enjoy the taste and artwork Of our locations. Behavioral: Benefits derived- provides a streak of flavor in their life. Rate of use- many customers come in daily so as to taste every flavor. Loyalty response customers of this market are open to other markets but still have an appreciation for Fro.

V. List of Advertising Media Selection Necessary for the Campaign Special Events I Sales Promotion Activities I Advertising Media Selection Artwork auction I Punch cards Billboards I Fro for education I Half off Sundays I Radio I Fro Fridays I Direct Mail I I Share-Like-Tweet I Social Networking Description of Events: Factory tour/Sample Tasting: Prestige Advertising Agency will be inviting all of your potential customers to visit your factory in Yakima and sample your different flavors.

This event will be publicized on your social networking sites, as well as small signs being put in near major intersections. We believe this event will emphasize the CEO-friendliness of your factories and build customers awareness. Artwork Auction: You sponsor local artists by purchasing their artwork and displaying it in your stores, as to build awareness for that particular artist. Prestige Advertising Agency will be holding an in-store event where artists may present their work to the audience of potential buyers while they enjoy their frozen yogurt.

Fro For Education: Every Thursday Fro will donate 20% of profit to a fund that works towards purchasing textbooks for local schools. The textbooks that are purchased will influence the children to want to purchase from the company that helped them out, and it will also encourage their parents to do the same thing. Punch cards: When a customer is purchasing their frozen yogurt, they may receive a punch card upon their request. Every time the customer purchases frozen yogurt they get a special hole punched into their card.

Once the customer receives 5 “punches” they will receive a complimentary frozen yogurt, limited to 8 oz. Half off Sundays: Every Sunday, when two frozen yogurts are purchased, the second one will cost half the price. Business is usually somewhat low on Sundays, and this will promote customers to meet at our location, and therefore increase business. Description of Advertising Media: Billboards: Prestige Advertising Agency has chosen ј.NET different locations to advertise 8-sheet billboards that are in sight of locations your market happily travels.

Radio: We have done our best, through research, to find out what time your target market listens to particular radio stations, and we will be paying for 30- second ads to take place during those times. Direct Mail: We have put together a one-page summary of how Fro Earth is looking to increase business, and an enclosed coupon, which will allow one frozen yogurt to be purchased at half price if redeemed within one week. Social Networking: Prestige Advertising Agency has had a team put together Backbone and Twitter programs that will be advertised on in-website banners hat will promote your business.

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