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It promotes product awareness in the minds of all the potential and target consumers and as such playing a huge role in influencing the consumer purchasing decision. Due to the existing need to market the available goods and services, Osama et al. (140) point out that advertising has cemented it place in every business organization. Consumer purchasing behavior is what drives sales. In the ancient times, marketers used different symbols and signs to create awareness of their products to the consumers; such tools were hand made and produced at relatively limited scales for marketing purposes only.

With modernization forces and technological advancement, the concept of advertisement was developed further and intensively used in business to promote product awareness. Today, advertisement is widely recognized in the business world as the major form of communication between manufacturers and the consumers of their products. The modern business organizations enjoy the utilization of a wide range of advertising medium including; the internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards, television, and so forth (Abide & Salem, 55).

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According to Dens and Plasterer (52), television is the strongest medium of advertisement due to its wide viewers and high appeal in both visual and audio communication. The telecommunication industry today uses advertising to capture their prospective, potential and present customers. Over the past decades, the activities of telecommunication industry have gained considerable interest from the use of advertising in reaching many people which impacts on sales volume, of such industry is Avoidance Ghana.

Brief Overview of Avoidance Ghana Avoidance Ghana is an operating company of Avoidance Group Pl. , the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States. Avoidance Ghana is the only total communications solution provider – mobile, fixed lines internet, voice and data – ND is currently unmatched in providing fixed line and internet services. The company is currently ranked third mobile operator with a huge potential to take over the market.

Avoidance Ghana as it is today, evolved from the Public Works Department in the colonial days. It was established after World War II to provide telecommunication services as part of the Civil Service under the supervision of Public Works Department (PAD) and was operated by the Post and Telecommunications Department. In 1974, the two separate organizations (Post and Telecommunications) were brought under one umbrella and became a public reparation with the responsibility of operating the nations’ Postal and Telecommunication.

To ensure efficiency and effective performance and also inject technical and commercial expertise, the government privatized the company on February 20, 1997 through the sale of 30% shares to Telecoms Malaysia a Consortium led by G-UCM. However, the management under G. Com Consortium failed among others to meet its contractual target of providing 250,000 Direct Exchange Lines (Dells) nationwide within the 5 year period of February 1997 – February 2002.

In view of this and other obligations that were not met under the Sale Purchase Agreement, he Government of Ghana under the New Patriotic Party (NAP) in July 2002, abrogated the management services agreement with G. Com Ltd. , and subsequently engaged Telecoms Management Partners (TEMP) of Norway in July 2002 to develop a Business Plan for Ghana Telecoms covering initial period of 2003 – 2005. Vision: their vision is to be the world’s mobile communication leader – enriching customer’s lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities be more connected in a mobile world.

Mission: driving in a wireless world. Avoidance is primarily a user of technology rather than a developer of it, and this fact s reflected in the emphasis of our work programmer on enabling new applications of mobile communications, using new technology for new services, research for improving operational efficiency and quality of our networks, and providing technology vision and leadership that can contribute directly to business decisions. Problem statement The effect of advertising on sales in the telecommunication industry; a case of Avoidance Ghana.

Guy (181) observes that organizations implement different strategies (R&D, use of technology, regular training of employees, reduced prices of reduces and so forth) in an attempt to achieve success in the market. Nonetheless, the use of different marketing concepts has been identified as an effective strategy of creating the awareness of goods and services among the consumer population. In particular, Abide and Salem (55) assert that the utility of advertising in organizations is an interestingly growing concept that significantly influences the purchasing decisions of consumers.

On this note, promotional advertising activities enable an organization to establish its operations and advance to be a highly recognized brand in the market. This highlights the role of advertising in outreaching all the potential customers, informing them on the available products, and influencing their attitudes towards purchasing goods and services in the market (Abide & Salem, 56). Research Aim & Objective The main aim of this research proposal is to establish the impact of advertising on consumer purchasing/buying behavior.

The achievement of this end will be guided by the following research objectives: Establish how advertising influences the purchasing decisions of consumers(sales) in the market of Avoidance Ghana Understand the relationship between advertising and nonuser purchasing behavior thus sales Unearth the existing methods of advertising and confirm their effectiveness in influencing the consumer purchasing behavior of Avoidance Ghana Establish approaches to advertising that Avoidance Ghana can employ to improve the efficiency of their advertising strategies.

Significance of study The study brings to fore an in-depth review of operation of the various telecommunication industries. The study tries to identify the gaps on the various strategies and methodologies being used by the various industries and suggest remedies to strengthen the flow of their systems. The concept of advertising is highly significant in the business world as it enables organizations to promote the awareness of their products in the market.

There are different advertising concepts that have been addressed in different studies by researchers; nonetheless, the effectiveness of these concepts in influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers remains an UN-researched area. In addition, the conclusion drawn from this study would assist the telecommunication industry to decide on the appropriate advertising techniques to be employed affectively which will boost their performance n sales both in the short and long term Organization of the study The report is organized in three chapters.

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