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Those models are trying to say that people will follow the Steps in the model. All these models can’t be applied for all types of product because we have low-involvement product/service and high-involvement product/service. In low-involvement product/service, we don’t need to go through the steps to purchase a product. However, this model also can be useful in the sense of promoting a product, just like what Apple does for advertising their product, they tell people what their product can benefit them and it create people

Interest towards Apple products. Creating people Interest is one of AID model and these models were useful for additional information in Advertising study. Nevertheless, working with these models can be considered. Having this model to be feature in class is a good idea, in the sense of giving more information and idea of how advertising contribute to sales, even though advertising is not the only part that contribute to sales increase.

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In addition, those models can give us better understand on how to understand what people do when come to purchasing luxury brand or high-involvement reduce since advertising is dealing on how to do advertisement and how to attract people to buy the product. 2. List key aspects of buyer behavior that might be relevant when planning advertising strategy for a consumer goods brand? Did the advertising models you read about adequately consider them?

In the repertoire market which studied in buyer consumer behavior, there are light buyers and heavy buyer which contributing sales of 80:20. In advertising, the purpose of doing an advertisement is not focusing to heavy buyers, since they only contribute to 20% of sales, therefore the purpose of advertising is to make the light buyers to remember again the product and also the purpose of advertising is to attract the new buyer to purchase their product by doing more creative advertisement and also by doing things like campaign and giving out sample.

Therefore, the concept of 80:20 that been discussed in buyer consumer behavior can be apply for advertising. Advertising creates a relationship with buyer-consumer behavior because advertising can create brand salience to the customer. When comes to the advertising strategy, there is obligation to set the objective and the first step s to create awareness of the brand. In creating the awareness of the brand, advertising should work in to promoting the product more often in public, such as television ad, radio and other type of advertisement.

After creating the awareness Of the brand, people will tend to remember the brand when they are in the purchasing situation, this known as brand salience. This shows that planning advertising link with a key aspect of buyer consumer behavior. Differentiation must be meaningful to customers, it must be both pertinent and substantial enough to matter when people are purchasing or sing the product or service, by P. Kettle ( Taylor 2012).

Consumer behavior believes there must be differentiation of brands, but we know in across the market, there is no such thing as unique or different brands. Therefore, advertising argued that differentiation does not exist and they should focus on increasing the sales by acquiring new customer of the brands. Advertising models that been discussed above, is considering few of the consumer behavior key aspect such as creating the awareness (brand salience). The consideration due to the steps of AID where there is a step of awareness.

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