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Analyzing ??Good Day Atlanta??C] One of the responsibilities of a morning news anchor Is to capture the attention of the viewers In the midst of them preparing for their day. Morning news anchors understand the importance of delivering the news accurately and quickly to help connect them with their audience. ??The Good Day??o team delivers the news with objectivity. A portion of the segment reviewed for this paper was regarding actor, and bad boy, Charlie Sheen. The actor was reported on several major networks because of his erratic behavior and public disagreements with his popular television show.

The anchors did not focus on Charlie Sheen??was melt down; they went beyond discussing his behavior and focused on the actor??was character. The team was not biased about the actor even though he had appeared numerous times on the morning show over the years. The early morning team has a warm, appealing, and energetic posture in delivering the news. Regardless of the spectacle of the actor receiving high ratings from other major networks, ??cachet Good Day??0 team reported on the story with Integrity for the famous actor who was acting extremely bizarre In the news media, and social networking environment.

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A three-minute story on the presidential candidate debate appeared to be a little persuasive from one of the morning anchors Karen Davis. It was persuasive in that she led the opening statement regarding the debate playing a major role in the primary process because of the two Republican candidates who were arguing more than debating. This story was picked up by an affiliate station, and the anchor was In agreement with her perspective of the debate, which led the viewers to think the same way. Television talk shows in general thrive on using sensationalism to tease their viewers.

Everyone who was interviewed commented on the family going through rough time because of the bad economy. The neighbors did not believe the parents intentionally starved their children. The morning news team demonstrated excellent Journalistic ethics in covering the stories during this segment. The anchors used objectivity, accuracy, and truthfulness in reporting the stories. The Atlanta morning anchors demonstrated impartiality and fairness in their coverage. These are very essentials tools needed to capture the attention of a viewer. Commercials during Segment Several types of commercials were aired during this 30-minute news segment.

During the morning news show commercials aired. Surprisingly, it was a variety of commercials, in this time slot. The noted commercials were: four different breakfasts commercials, three different furniture commercials and two celebrity entertainment commercials, which was the only commercial that was aired more once. The following types of commercials were aired only once; attorney??was office, new car, online college, major department store, buying gold, health advice, and talk show preview. None of the commercials were related to any of the stories covered during the morning show.

Influence of Advertising and News on Society ??schemas media serves many functions, including circulating news, entertaining members of a society and educating children,??o (Withers, 2011, p. 1). Understanding the importance of how advertising affects society is essential to the advertiser and media specialist. Usually products of the news media will generate income from the advertisements. Television advertising has a big influence on the decisions and purchases consumers make. So therefore the news media and advertisers working together could prove to be beneficial for the news media, advertising companies, and he consumer. ??cachet influence of television advertising can be quite profound in helping to change the way we think about the world around us,??0 (Withers, 2011, p. 1). Advertisers use two techniques to appeal to their audience, by tapping into the emotions and needs of the viewers. This basic means affect society because the appeals are built upon the psychology of how the images are seen in the mind of the viewers. As it relates to news and advertising, society wants the details and facts of both the products and the reported story.

Watching the morning news helps to give a otter visual image of what is going on in the world and the commercials aired during that time frame should be visually appealing to the viewers as well. The television morning news appears to be very entertaining. The morning news anchors are blatant Ana energetic aurally tenet early morning Drastic. Tater watching ten news in the morning over time, the viewers tend to become familiar with the morning anchors, they learned to trust them and the products that they endorsed either during the segment of the show or the commercials aired during the morning broadcast.

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