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The need for Aids currently is for them to increase their market share specially in the united States. The current issues for Aids are that Mike is increasing their market share in Europe where Aids was the leader in the market. Mike by 2003 increased their market share in Europe in the soccer industry to 34% which surpassed the market share of Aids which left them at 30%. Aids main issue is to increase market share in the United States where Mike is the current leader with 40% of the market share compared to Aids who has 16% of the market share.

The main focus of Aids is to gain the basketball market share in the United States. Drake from Global Media Group is having difficulties convincing Aids America that mobile media is the latest and innovate approach to target the target market that Aids is aiming to reach. But with the downfall and decline of the dot. Com era in 2000 convincing Aids or any other company at this point was not a simple task.

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Another issue for Aids is that the United States lagged in the latest technology for this media to penetrate into that market so Aids was able to test it in the European market prior to entering the United States market with this media. When Drake from Global Media Group spoke with Aids United States they were against the idea of using mobile marketing until they saw the proposal, and then they jumped on board. SOOT Strengths Aids is one of the most well-known athletic brands around the world, which gives them the advantage to market their products using innovative tools due to the strength of their brand name.

There are many strengths that mobile marketing can bring to Aids. Currently people are giving up their landlines for their mobile phones which would increase Disdain’s population to target through this media. Also if Aids sends promotions items such as rhinestones ND wallpapers it is less clutter than paper advertisements meaning consumers would retain these advertisements much more than the traditional paper advertisement. Also mobile users use their mobile phones for daily use for music, memos, planners, internet, emails and reminders.

So sending media via mobile would target more people than having an advertisement in a magazine or on TV. Another strength for Aids is that they have the budget and capability to implement this marketing and have the resources such as celebrities to endorse their products, which many companies do not have.. Weaknesses Some of the weaknesses for mobile marketing are the lack of user experience or knowledge of smartness. There are many consumers in the target market that may not be fully aware or capable of how to use their mobile devices, therefore the mobile marketing would not reach these consumers.

There is also the risk of consumer’s not purchasing smartness which would also decline the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile marketing. Another weakness for Aids is the loss in market share. In the United States they lack market share against the biggest competitor Mike whom has 40% of the racket share compared to Aids who has 16% of the market share. Also by 2003 Aids also lost their lead in market share in the Soccer sector in Europe which they were the market leaders prior to this time. In 2003 Aids was four percent behind in being the market leader against their biggest competitor Mike.

Opportunities With mobile media there are many opportunities as it is the newest technology, for example applications and the various communicating tools used on smartness is a leading trend. Mobile marketing can promote consumers to keep track of latest trends by using their mobile devices. For people that are fashion savvy they are able to download and keep ads or coupons on their mobile phones without having to deal with paper clutter. Aids target market is located in the United States and the growth of smartness has just begun in the United States compared to Japan or Europe.

This gives Aids the opportunity to test the concept in Europe before introducing it to the United States. Also by having the opportunity to sign on Missy Elliot is also beneficial as Aids is planning on using hip hop music to target their target market. Threats The possible threats of mobile media are the decline of sales for marathoner. Consumers may not be able to afford or may not prefer to purchase smartness because of different technology. Consumers may not be able to afford the cost of internet availability on their smartness which would also hinder the use of mobile media.

Also their main threat is their biggest competitor, Mike. Mike could potentially take the lead in mobile marketing and dominate the market even further before Aids even has the opportunity to enter with this marketing tool. Target Market The main target market for Aids is the American market that is aged between 12 to 24 years old. Pre-purchase The influencer for the target market of Aids is television, magazine ads, billboards and celebrity endorsements being the biggest influencer for the target market of 12 to 24 years of age.

The decider and the buyer to make the purchase or buy the purchase changes within this target market. For those who are between the ages of 12 to 1 7 the parent maybe the decider because the consumer may not have the means to make the purchase. At the older end of the target market the decider would be the consumer themselves. The users are the target market who either decided or let someone else decide to make the purchase. They are the main users of this product since shoes are mainly only worn by targeted target market in this situation.

Purchase Decision For Aids the target market would make this decision based on the need of shoes, fashion trends, to enhance their sporting abilities, or for athletic purposes. For this target market the main reason maybe the celebrity endorsements such as Missy Elliot. Another reference for making the purchasing decision for the buyers of this target market would be the opinions of their friends and other social influences such as co-workers, family or professionals. Post-purchase Evaluation For this target market the brand is most important along with quality, comfort, durability and fashion.

MIMIC Matrix For Aids promotions and sponsorships would be the two of the most effective ways to market their product while incorporating mobile media marketing. By having promotions such as if consumers download an Aids wallpaper or an Aids application to their smartened the consumer could receive a coupon to receive 10% off their next purchase of an Aids product. This would attract customers to shops and increase sales due to the offered discount while increasing exposure to Aids products.

The sponsorships of events and charities will increase their brand recognition by a large group of consumers while at the same time building a brand identity. By sponsoring charities and fundraisers Aids is able to build a reputation as an organization that is community oriented while at the same time advertising their brand. They can also advertise these events and sponsorships using mobile media making consumers aware of the events that they are involved in. This involves consumers in the “world of Aids” while also at the same time increasing brand awareness for these consumers.

Categorizing Signs Signs and symbols play an important role in marketing and building a brand identity. For example Struck is the most well-known symbol in the world; it is even recognized in the countries where Struck does not even exist. For an organization to be able to build a symbol that that is recognized around the world increases meaning of the brand. For example Aids needs to focus on making their symbol better known around the world. The meaning of the Aids symbol, symbolizes levels of goals that can be achieved with their brand.

The levels become higher meaning with Aids you can achieve and progress to higher and higher goals. This conveys that Aids products can help achieve any athletic goals for the consumers. If Aids is able to build more awareness of their symbol they can increase the meaning of their brand by using McGuire Information Processing Model. Aids has to ensure that their symbol has exposure so when the customer receives the mobile media the Aids symbol is clear and visible.

The symbol must then grab the consumer’s attention, ensure that when Aids is trying to send out the message the symbol grabs the consumer’s attention so the consumer is able to process it. The consumer then must understand the message and the symbol. The consumer must have acceptance of the message and symbol. The Aids symbol symbolizes goals and success, the message that is conveyed by Aids must ensure that it aligns with their symbol in order to increase brand identity.

If the message and symbol are accepted by the consumer then persuasion has occurred meaning the consumer believes in the message that was conveyed to them by the media. Lastly is retention if the consumer has accepted the message then retention takes place and now the brand message, identity and symbol will become a part of the consumers long-term memory. By building and working the brand symbol Aids would e able to increase their market share by working on increasing awareness of their brand symbol.

Conclusion Mobile media for Aids would be an innovative and effective way of reaching their target market in the United States. The target market of 12 to 24 years of age is most knowledgeable and current on the technological environment. Aids would be able to reach a large number of their target consumer market by using mobile media as smartness now play a major part of consumer’s everyday life. Smartness are used not only as a telephone but as a music player, internet browser, emails, daily planners, memos and for reminders.

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