Advertising Agencies Assignment

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If done the right way, advertising can optimize exposure while reducing the company’s marketing expenses. A business may offer excellent goods and services. However, the management may be unsure on how to market their offerings effectively. Even if they have their own marketing team, they will most likely be biased when it comes to their marketing beliefs. An advertising agency is commissioned to find and implement methods to effectively market a client’s products or service. These services can range from simple graphic design to full-fledged multi-media marketing campaigns.

It focuses on its client’s aims and sees to it that the goals will be achieved without delays. What do they offer? Advertising agencies offer: A full service where they handle all elements of a client’s advertising or promotional campaign. Limited service where the client retains some responsibility for advertising campaigns and the agency deals with the specialist elements of the campaign. – The type of service selected by the organization will depend on their budget and needs. A full service option is expensive but ideal when money is not an issue and the firm do not have mime, to carry out promotional activities.

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Limited service is useful when budgets are limited or the firm wants to use an agency that is experienced and successful in a particular advertising activity. What sort of tasks will they do? Advertising agencies provide the following service types- 1 . Advertising Design Create ideas to be used in campaign. Decide on message that the advert should send out. Decide on branding that will be used throughout campaign. Choose things like color schemes, logos and strapless. 2. Advertising Audience The agency will take the target audience and use that in the advert.

They will think about the age, background, culture, gender and marital status of the target audience of the product and use that to create the campaign. 3. Advertising Production Turn the advertising design into adverts for television, radio, newspapers and magazines. 4. Advertising Channel Purchases They will spend time finding different opportunities for them to place the adverts for the business. Including paying for the slots on television, radio, billboards, internet, newspapers, magazines, roundabouts and stadiums.

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