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Its first function is strategy planning and research. Interpretation of consumers (Target Audience) and advertisement research room the brand’s perspective. Marketing analysis and SOOT analysis are also taken care of in this department. The accounts department provides the collected data to other departments. 2. CLIENT SERVICING DEPARTMENT Its an agency s space to the client, they take the client brief and understand ; analyze the market department. It’s a link between various departments in an ad agency which includes creative, production, finance, media and accounts department.

Evaluates the ad and media plans. It also gives presentations to the client. 3. CREATIVE Department includes art erector and copy writers. The copy writers provides the editorial content and headlines Of an advertisement while the art directors provide visual elements. They are the lifeline of an ad agency which works on the ad campaign. 4. MEDIA Department media department is divided into two parts Media Planning and Media Buying . They perform functions like media planning and guide. Planning includes quantitative analysis of media.

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Buying includes media relations, negotiations and operations. They may or may not hire third party services to do media business. 5. FINANCE Department includes the monetary transactions within an ad agency. It also take care of various accounts and finance services of various clients that are doing business with ad agency. 6. PRODUCTION Department deals with editing and refining of the work created by the creative department. It also includes applying high resolution images, editing the sound and various other functions to prepare the final artwork.

WORK FLOW IN AN ADVERTISING AGENCY Stage 1: Briefing Stage agency is the briefing stage First stage of work flow on an ad Brief from the client is taken. Internal briefing to creative and media department. Any research briefing is given to the Accounts department. Stage 2: Creation Stage Ad campaign and media plan is developed. Internal review and finalization. Presentation to the client for approval. Any pre- testing if required. Stage 3: production Stage Budget and estimate approval. Produced. Production of films, press ads, collateral’s etc and Media Scheduling and Media booking.

All release approval of creative and media. Stage 4: Release Stage Materials dispatched to the medias. Media release monitoring. Any post testing- if required. Billing and Collection. Types of Ad Agency I FULL SERVICE AD AGENCY Its the type of ad agency that handles all the types of advertising process including planning designing, production and placement. Full service ad agencies work on marketing communication and promotional services like planning advertising, creating ads, producing ads, performing research and selecting the media.

They also deal with non advertising services like strategic market planning sales promotion, trade shows material, packaged designing, PR and publicity. * LIMITED SERVICE AD Consomm?? Ad agency limit the amount of and kind of services they offer. Some agencies specialize in creative which also offer strategic planning services. Some offer media buying services that concentrate on media buying and selling, billing and placements. When an advertiser choose to use limited service ad agency its assumed that some of the advertisement planning and coordination is done by another service ad agency. CREATIVE Boutique’s ad agencies specializes in the creative functioning of an ad process. Creative boutique offers only those services that have to do with the creativity of the Ad. They provide only creative services, full time service ad agencies may sub contact them. They also provide functions to internal client departments. * MEDIA BUYING Cinchiest purchase ad time and space from media providers and resell it to advertisers. They can also be involved in planning individual ad campaign and monitoring the results of ad placements against agreed measures such as Target audience speech.

They provide specialized media buying services, strategies media plans and implement the strategy to buy time and space in various media. SPECIALIST AD Agency addition to full service ad agency there is also an agency that vocalizes in particular kind of ad like recruitment, medical, classifieds, industrial, direct response, yellow pages, etc. * IN HOUSE AD Consomm?? advertisers provide advertising services in their marketing department other than outsourcing it. It helps them to lower the advertising expenses.

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