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This 4 members group of Washburn facilities worker have similar works to do such as mowing which makes them to work and also belong to each other in the pattern on working. The artifacts which was being observed are mower, uniform, and earplugs are seen as to be same in every group members. The lawn mower is a mechanical device that literally shaves the surface of the grass by using a rapidly rotating blade. The first mechanical grass- cutting device was appeared in 1830, when an English textile worker named Edwin Budding developed a mower allegedly based in a textile aching used to shear the nap off of cloth.

Mowers are available in four basic designs; the oratory mower, the power wheel mower, the riding mower, and the tractor. Washburn facilities group worker mostly used the power wheel mower and the riding mower because it helps them to conserve their body energy instead of pushing the mower. Mowers plays an important role in that group. It helps all those group member to cut and shave grass in very short time: saves time and energy of the worker. Mower seems like a important tool for all the group member for making ND giving campus a beautiful look.

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Most of the time in morning period every individual of group members seems to be using mower in different places of the campus. Although, mower has a important value in that group which makes all group members to get close to each other while working and while having conversation both because it helps them to get informed about the places which need to be shaved by a mower. Uniform is a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in any particular organization’s activity. Uniform is a main part of any worker in around the world.

Uniforms have a very meaningful role from the past decades because it gives an identification to every workers to be known by other people. In overall, Washburn facilities group workers has also same kind of uniform. It seems to be in neon green color, which have a (W) mark on the back of the uniform. Neon green color makes uniform really bright which tends to be identified from long distance. The symbol (W) has a significant meaning on that uniform because it shows that workers wearing that uniform belongs to Washburn University.

This uniform also helps students and other faculty members, for an example: If a student misguide from the way then workers uniform would help to ask to the uniform worker for the direction or for any other problem. Although, Washburn facilities workers group has a significant value for their uniform: identification is the most important, helping misguide people to guide or give some useful information they need, and also it is very useful and compulsory dress to be worn for a worker.

Uniform makes that group members similar to each other which lead this group to be a part of the group. Earplug is a device that is meant to be inserted in the ear canal to protect the seer’s ears from loud noises and the intrusion of water, dust, or excessive wind. According to the Wisped, the first recorded mention of the use of wax earplugs was in the Odyssey, where an crew used wax earplugs to avoid being distracted by the siren’s songs and later on in 1907, the German company Orphan, inventor Max Nagger, started producing earplugs.

According to the research in hearing protection, foam earplugs are being use by all facilities workers to avoid loud sounds and specially those group members because they use high sound machines which would harm their ears. Earplugs is also a important part of the workers, working outdoors with loud motors. Washburn facilities group workers worn these earplugs every time they start working with their mowers. The significance of this tool in Washburn facilities workers is protect their ears from loud noises and also allow those group members to look similar to each other because earplugs are seems to be in same amount of size,color, and style.

According to the observation, one of the rituals from Washburn facilities group workers is they watch South Park cartoons on T. V during the break time of their work. South Park is an American adult animated serial created by Trey Parker and Malt Stone for the comedy central television network. It was debuted that in August 1997 with great success, consistently earning the highest ratings of any basic cable program. Washburn facilities workers group watch this T. V program to entertain themselves after working in the break room. Break room is made for taking some rest during the work period.

All the group members sit around the table and watch South Park cartoon which makes them laugh most of the time during the break time. Having mom break with some sort of fun could tends our body and mind refresh and this is that every group members was doing in the break room. The purpose of watching South Park cartoon allow all group members to have some fun which tends their body and mind refresh after working, and also tends all the group members close to each other in many respect like, way of Joking watching South park, body language, which is the important thing in this group to get the group relation more closer.

The another ritual performed everyone is to eat lunch and snacks during the break time. Food is very essential part for every living beings. It helps to give body energy and also it is very helpful for refreshing body and mind. Every workers should need to eat something during the work hours which allow them to have energy all the time. According to the interview with Washburn facilities workers group, there is 3 break time in a day which consists of 2 small 15 minutes break and 1 large 1 hour break for lunch in which they eat their food and relax their body. It is very useful and important part of any workers around the world.

Washburn facilities workers group gather themselves near catheter around the table and eat their snacks/ lunch with mom conversation in themselves. This rituals have a important value on Washburn facilities workers group because as every individual member of group start eating their food in the group tends to be a good situation to being close to each other. Also sometimes they share the food with themselves which means they are having a good relation in a group and also refers to a significant reason of being familiar to each other. The more time they will spend the more closer they would be in a group.

The another ritual which was being observed is about throwing paper airplane on ACH other in the group. The origin of folded paper glider is generally considered to be of Ancient China in around 500 BCC. Making paper airplane is really fun things to do. Washburn facilities group workers make paper airplanes to throw on each other body’s for entertaining with themselves. Washburn facilities workers group make paper airplanes from paper towels which are kept near the water fountain beside the table in the break room. This is also a surprising thing because every member in a group are in about 30 to 35 year old but they still act like a child.

Although, Washburn acclivities workers group make paper airplanes to entertain themselves for a while in a break time and the significant value for this paper airplane is to keep group members relation better and friendly. Washburn facilities group workers were using casual English language as every native American people speaks. Most of the time during the observation, every group member was using some slang words to make some Joke for laughing on each other such as, Tooth, Babe, and more. Most of the time they were using these slang words on their language, when they were watching South Park cartoon because it makes them ugh while talking.

For most of the group members slang words seems to be familiar to the tone they were using while speaking to each other. According to the interview to the group members, the normal English language was used by them to show good behavior and personality. There was no doubt that every group members seems to be funny when having conversation to themselves because they look really cool and funny. Washburn facilities workers group seems to be a hard worker but actually they are funny too because while talking they seems to be happy and stress free cause of Joke and funny language they use to each other.

In the hierarchy of Washburn facilities workers, every group members including other workers are working as a position of labor. As from the observation to that group, every individual members of the group work under the control of supervisor. Observation state that, there is always a work order for all the group members on the notice board by the supervisor of facilities office. Supervisor seems to be an old guy, age is around 45 to 50 year old with an bold expression on his face because his attitude is like a leader of the facilities department.

Specifically, there is a head of department for the facilities office who used to observe everything such as quantity of supplies, approval for checks to workers, activities of workers, and many more. Altogether, in Washburn facilities office worker position starts from labor- supervisor- head of department because it is common in every companies, factory, offices, etc there is always some one working under someone. For an example: teachers working for school in which they have their certain position for every individual teachers to every faculty members which make difference between them.

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