Metaphor and Nicolas Vidal Assignment

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This story is about a man named Nicholas Vidal would lose his life for a woman. Soon, his reputation for cunning bandit ran the ends of the village. He was the son of Juan sad, a prostitute. But Nicholas did not want it because he had abandoned. Classical was an inconspicuous woman was the wife of Judge Hidalgo. One day the Judge Hidalgo arrived with his wife and the people were getting married. Judge Juan Hidalgo Sad locked in a cage in the square. This cage had a vase of water so that when the water ran out and started screaming that way his son was rescued and Nicolas Vidal and there would be the prisoner of the Judge.

Vidal But Nicholas was not the cage. The Judge had to give up when he heard the protests of his sons Joined the Village. Juan was taken out of the cage. The next day, Jane hung himself in the brothel, because I can not bear the shame of his only son, the left abandoned in that cage. Nicolas Vidal question deep sadness and anger with what happened and vowed to avenge the death of his mother Judge. The Judge and his family were on vacation and suddenly the gentleman Judge died of a heart attack. Classical protecting his Emily and Nicolas Vidal arrived moment. Classical and Nicholas had a very special moment.

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But after Nicolas Vidal was delivered that was what he feared his whole life. Narrator: Omniscient Third Person. Location: In a city Time: Last Literary Elements: Literary Movement is unrealistic, since history has no fictitious events and also focuses on real events, the romantic instead speaks of the individual and critical facts of society like poverty Juan sad and corruption and cruelty of politicians, reality shows a cruel society like the story. Figures Literary comparison or mile: In the story we realize using this fugue as compared with an imaginary object.

Using the words: Like, like, etc. Allegory: Allegory Another figure is symbolic because it shows a device that is a concept further. Metaphor: metaphors also identify elements that are real with imaginary elements. Personification: In our story also found that describe many objects, people, etc. And give their own feelings. Thanks for your attention! END Isabel Allendale contributed much to American literature being named the greatest contributor in Latin literature and their stories help achieve realism magic and also she is a great feminist fugue

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