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Most children alive today will find their future lives are deeply affected by new patterns of disease, extreme weather patterns, and by strict controls on energy and arbor use. Why aren’t we motivated to consider the long-term harmful consequences of global warming? Why aren’t we taking the rights and interests of future generations seriously? One approach to changing the outcome Of global warming is to form a global partnership that will allow governments to pool resources and collectively solve future issues with global warming.

The identification of humans as the main driver of global warming helps us understand how and why our climate is changing, and it clearly defines the problem as one that is within our power to address and change. We cannot void some level of warming from the heat-trapping emissions already present in the atmosphere, and making predictions and posting warnings is only part of the solution to these issues. We need federal action to limit heat-trapping emissions, and we need it soon.

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According to Teresa Duskier et al. “The precise consequences of global warming are difficult to predict, disruptions that will affect living things are nearly certain”. Solutions for cutting emissions are abundant, affordable, and have other benefits that make them worthy of consideration regardless of climate impact. Mandating higher fuel efficiency for automobiles will make our nation less dependent on foreign oil, protect auto industry jobs, and save money for consumers.

Volunteer reduction programs have failed in the past because it cost a great deal of money to fund these efforts. I believe a global partnership approach to creating more rigid international, federal and local regulations would be a step in the right direction. However, with aggressive emission reductions as well as flexibility in adapting to those changes we cannot avoid, we have a mall window in which to avoid truly dangerous warming and provide future generations with a sustainable world.

This will require immediate and sustained action on a federal level, to reduce our heat-trapping emissions through increased energy efficiency, expanding our use of renewable energy, and slowing deforestation, and we need it soon or the window of opportunity will be closed. Solutions for cutting emissions are abundant, affordable and have many benefits that make them worthy of consideration regardless Of climate impact. Another environmental strategy would be investing in renewable energies.

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